A young man was transported in critical condition this afternoon to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center after he was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide in his Randallstown area home. The patient's mother and brother also were transported to Shock Trauma with less severe symptoms of CO poisoning.

Fire and EMS personnel responded to the 8200 block of Rockdale Avenue at 2:32 p.m. for a call possibly involving CO exposure in a single-family home. Gas meters carried by BCoFD personnel began sounding as soon as they entered the home and detected extremely high levels of the lethal gas.

Fire and EMS crews found the most seriously ill patient, who appears to be a young adult or older teen, unconscious. The patient's mother said she and her sons had been at home all day. The most seriously ill son had been watching TV in the basement and came upstairs to say he felt ill when he fell unconscious. The mother said she and her second son (also an older teen or young adult) also suffered symptoms consistent with CO poisoning.

Firefighters' gas meters found CO levels in the home at 776 parts per million. At this level, CO can produce unconsciousness or death within a few hours.

Crews immediately evacuated the home, conducted a search and ventilated the building until CO readings returned to 0 ppm. A preliminary inspection by fire crews indicated that a faulty furnace may be the source of the CO buildup. BGE was dispatched.

The home was equipped with a CO alarm, but it was not working.