At 12:44 a.m., police and fire personnel responded to the Torrent Lounge in the 500 block of York Road, 21286 for a disturbance. A customer at the Torrent Lounge discharged a can of pepper spray inside the building, and patrons left the business coughing and vomiting. A medic unit responded to assist customers who were affected by the pepper spray, but no hospital transports were required. The fire department responded and ventilated the Torrent Lounge to disperse the pepper spray. York Road was closed in front of the business for approximately one hour to allow the fire department access to the building. 

Officers observed a man being restrained by other customers during an argument over who may have discharged the pepper spray. The man was cursing and challenging people to fight. He repeatedly failed to comply with police orders to stop yelling and attempting to fight, and was placed under arrest. Ean McNaney, 26, of the 5400 block of Fallriver Row Court, 21044, was arrested and issued a criminal citation for disorderly conduct. 

Per policy, documentation of this incident was sent to the Baltimore County Liquor Board for review.