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Precinct 8 - Parkville

Precinct 8 - Parkville

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On the morning of July 16, several reports were taken in reference to cars that were broken into.

  • 9100 Block of Covered Bridge Road 21234 - $10 taken from one vehicle
  • 9000 Block of Wood Park Court 21234 - Loose change taken from two vehicles, a third vehicle was ransacked but nothing was taken.
  • Unit Block of Carriage Lamp Court - One vehicle ransacked but nothing was taken

All five cars had been left unlocked.

Residents are reminded to always lock their cars, and do not keep any keys or valuables in the cars.

Criminals count on not being noticed or being seen by people who do not report their suspicious activities. Help make your community an uncomfortable place for any criminal. Report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity to police immediately.

The Parkville Precinct Officer of the Month for May 2015 is officer Hann.

During May, officer Hann issued 37 citations, seven warnings, three safety equipment repair orders, and wrote 13 reports. He also cleared 11 cases.

Out of Officer Hann’s six arrests, four were for DUI. His supervisor noted that officer Hann’s DUI enforcement activity “makes the roadways and community safer.”

At 3:20 p.m., the suspect took something from the victim. The victim chased the suspect to a vehicle and got on the hood. The victim fell off when the vehicle drove away.

Just after 10 a.m. this morning, a sub-contractor digging in the 10000 block of Harford Road struck a gas line. There are no reports of injuries and no evacuations.

South-bound Harford Road is shut down between Cub Hill Road and Northwind Road while BGE makes repairs. The time frame for the repairs is unknown.

Flaggers will be setting up to get traffic around the area where work is being done. The traffic light at Harford  Rd and Northwind Rd will be put on flash.

The Parkville VFW is awarding the 2014 Officer of the Year to Officer Jackson.

During 2014, Officer Jackson issued 191 traffic citations and 261 warnings. He also made 17 arrests and cleared 51 cases. He works hard to build and maintain positive relationships with the citizens on his post.

An example of Officer Jackson’s dedication to the community and his profession was a call he handled in April 2014. On that day, officers received information about a stolen vehicle in the area. That vehicle had technology on-board which allowed it to be disabled remotely. Officer Jackson found the vehicle and safely followed it until it was in a safe area before he had it disabled. The suspect was then taken into custody.

In August 2014, Officer Jackson responded to a report of a burglary at a home. Officer Jackson conducted a very thorough investigation that not only identified the suspect in that case but also cleared two other burglaries. The suspect was later taken into custody.

Officer Jackson’s shift commander stated that “he displays a kindness and compassion for victims that help ease their pain of being victimized.”

Officer Jackson will be officially presented with the award during a ceremony on May 31.

The Precinct 8/Parkville Officers of the Year for 2014 are officers Lyles and Akehurst.

Officer Lyles, a member of the Precinct 8 Community Action Team, is receiving the 2014 Officer of the Year Award from the Sons of the American Legion.

During 2014, officer Lyles issued 599 traffic citations, 474 warnings, 51 safety equipment repair orders, and completed 73 field interview reports. He also cleared 108 cases, making 44 arrests.

Officer Lyles is described by his supervisor as “an invaluable asset” and “The citizens of the Parkville Precinct and Baltimore County most certainly benefit from” his “dedicated service”.

Officer Akehurst, a 27-1/2 year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department, is receiving the 2014 Officer of the Year Award from the Police Community Relations Council.

During 2014, officer Akehurst issued 392 traffic citations, 305 warnings, 65 safety equipment repair orders, and completed 27 field interview reports. He also cleared 56 cases, making 50 arrests. Out of his 50 arrests, 33 (66%) were for DUI.

An example of officer Akehurst’s exceptional performance is a response to a burglary call of a Parkville business in June. He was able to identify where the suspects fled to after the burglary, take them into custody, and recover property stolen in the burglary.

Officer Akehurst’s supervisor stated that he has “many valuable characteristics” such as “self-motivation, determination, and leadership”.

Officer Akehurst Recieving Officer of The Year Award

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