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Precinct 6 - Towson

Precinct 6 - Towson

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Keyword: 21286

Sometime between 4 p.m. on May 17 and 8:15 p.m. on May 21, an unknown suspect(s) attempted to enter the victim's apartment by cutting a window screen and opening a window. No items appear to be missing.

Sometime between 12:01 a.m. on May 17 and 4:30 p.m. on May 19, an unknown suspect entered the victim's residence by unknown means and stole jewelry.

Sometime between 5:55 and 6 a.m., two suspects entered the Papa Johns Pizza shop by shattering a window. They took change from the register and fled the scene.

At 2:20 a.m., an unknown suspect entered Mo's Seafood through an unlocked door and took money.

At 9:35 p.m., an unknown suspect exited a car and approached the victim as she walked along Goucher Boulevard. The suspect placed a object in her back and demanded money. The victim complied. The suspect left in the same vehicle.

Between 7 a.m. and 2:20 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the house either through a smashed window or an unlocked front door. The suspect was seen sitting on the front steps talking on a cellphone. The suspect walked to the side of the house several times. The suspect stole a television and electronic equipment.

At 2 a.m., the victim was approached by two unknown suspects. One suspect took the victim's wallet and the other took his cellphone. The victim attempted to stop the suspects but was unable.

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Revised April 6, 2016