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Precinct 4 - Pikesville

Precinct 4 - Pikesville

Read news updates from Precinct 4 - Pikesville.
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The Officer of the Month for May is awarded to Officer A. Muska #5757.

Officer Muska had an exceptionally high amount of enforcement during May, with an average of 11 pieces a day. He led his squad in enforcement of traffic violations, including clearing 12 serious traffic cases. The majority of his 17 case clearances during the month were self-initiated incidents, an example of his pro-active approach to crime reduction.

Officer Muska's supervisor describes him as a highly motivated officer, which yields his exceptional criminal and traffic violation enforcement. He possesses a strong work ethic and sets the example of professionalism and performance for other officers.  It is due to his strong contribution to the Pikesville command and community that he is awarded Officer of the Month for May. Congratulations!

The Pikesville Chamber of Commerce Officer of the Year for 2016 is awarded to Officer M. Canning #5556.

Officer Canning was one of the precinct leaders both in his squad and on his overall shift during the 2016 year. Officer Canning works the overnight shift and the majority of his criminal arrests and case clearances were from self-initiated investigations, rather than just responding to dispatched calls. He understands the importance of a proactive approach in effectively controlling and deterring crime.

Officer Canning is a young officer, but one who is dedicated to his position as a law enforcement officer. His experience in patrol has led to him becoming a thorough and intuitive investigator, the epitome of a good “beat cop.” One example of this occurred in December when he conducted a routine check of a registration plate on a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen in Baltimore City. Upon stopping the vehicle he spoke with the driver, a female who immediately explained that the vehicle was not hers but gave a reasonable explanation as to why it was in her possession, including the keys. Officer Canning made keen observations of her behavior and responses to questions and recognized that she was being deceptive. Ultimately he confirmed that the vehicle had been stolen from a hospital parking lot after the keys were lost. He was able to arrest the suspect, recover the vehicle and return it to the victim. During the course of the arrest he also discovered illegal drugs and paraphernalia, with which the suspect was also charged.  

Additionally, Officer Canning removed two illegal firearms off of the Pikesville streets. One was confiscated from a prohibited felon, who was then charged accordingly, and the other was confiscated during an arrest in an area identified with a crime trend. Both cases required keen investigative skills and proper documentation to ensure a successful prosecution of the suspects.

Another case exemplifying Officer Canning’s vigilance and dedication to his profession involved five suspects of thefts from auto in an identified crime trend area. Not a simple case, as each suspect stopped in a different location  in an area where a car was broken into. Officer Canning did an excellent job of articulating the facts of the case, resulting in the arrest and proper charging of five juveniles. The arrest and charging of juveniles holds additional procedures and responsibilities for officers, but Officer Canning did it with skill and efficiency.

In addition to the great investigative work that Officer Canning accomplished throughout the year, he also achieved an outstanding amount of criminal and traffic violation enforcement. Officer Canning is a competent and reliable officer who is an example to other officers and an excellent representation of the core values of this agency: Integrity, Fairness, Service. Congratulations to Officer Canning on his award for Pikesville Chamber of Commerce Officer of the Year for 2016!

The Precinct 4 Officer of the Month for April 2017 is Officer A. Childs #5914.

Officer Childs is a newer officer but has shown her supervisors that she is energetic and competent in her law enforcement efforts. She led her squad in both traffic law enforcement and criminal case clearances during the month of April.

Officer Childs understands the importance of maintaining a strong police presence in higher crime areas in an effort to suppress criminal activity. She averaged more than 5 pieces of enforcement per day in April, in addition to regular patrol procedures and calls for service.

The majority of Officer Childs' case clearances resulted from her own proactive enforcement. However, she has also established herself as a dependable back-up officer on other officer's calls, understanding the importance of group effort in solving crimes and catching the suspect. One good example of this is a call for an armed robbery in progress at a Dunkin Donuts on Liberty Road on April 21. Knowing the Liberty Road corridor is commonly used by criminals in transit she was already in the area and able to assist in keeping the suspect from fleeing the location, which ultimately led to his arrest. In another armed robbery call, this one having just occurred at Rite Aid on Reisterstown Road, a suspect description was broadcast to all officers in the area. Officer Childs located a person matching the description of the suspect just over the Baltimore City line. When she approached the person he immediately fled, engaging Officer Childs in a foot pursuit. Officer Childs was able to competently give updated information over the radio during the pursuit, directing additional units to her location in an attempt to locate the suspect.

Officer Childs has quickly proven herself a valuable member of our law enforcement team, exemplifying the core values of our department, Integrity, Fairness, & Service, in her short tenure. We expect great things to continue from this officer throughout her career, and congratulate her on her achievements thus far, including this well deserved award for Officer of the Month.

Around 5:22 a.m., unknown suspects forced open the rear entrance to Jilly's Bar and Grill and stole cash.
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