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Precinct 3 - Franklin

Precinct 3 - Franklin

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The Precinct 3 Officer of the Month for June 2017 is Officer B. Beckford #5912.

This is the second Officer of the Month award for Officer Beckford since graduating from the Police Academy in December of 2015. He continues to grow in tenacity, knowledge and skill. He has also learned the value of knowing the area he polices. Upon stopping a motorcyclist for riding without a helmet and making unsafe lane changes, the cyclist attempted to flee the stop while Officer Beckford was out of his vehicle. Officer Beckford got the better of the cyclist when he fled up a hill into a wooded area, however, because Officer Beckford knew the area was fenced off inside the woodline. Officer Beckford followed the cyclist on foot to the top of the hill, where he arrested him without incident. The search incident to arrest resulted in Officer Beckford confiscating illegal narcotics and paraphernalia, and a check of the subject in NCIC also revealed an open warrant.

Officer Beckford also had an outstanding amount of both criminal and traffic enforcement for the month, with 15 criminal arrests and 5 traffic related arrests. He issued 143 pieces of traffic violation enforcement, which included 96 written warnings. Officer Beckford not only keeps the the safety of all drivers in mind as he enforces traffic violations, but is a compassionate officer who also keeps the best interests of our citizens in mind.

Congratulations, Officer Beckford, on your second Officer of the Month award. You are an example to your fellow officers, especially those new to police work, and an asset to this department and the citizens of Baltimore County.

The Precinct 3 Officer of the Month for March 2017 is Officer B. Beckford #5912.

Officer Beckford is a newer officer who accomplished an exceptional record of both traffic and criminal law enforcement during the month of March. He issued 121 pieces of traffic enforcement, including 87 warnings for traffic law violations, made 10 arrests, and cleared an outstanding number of criminal cases, including 2 felonies and 20 misdemeanors.

Officer Beckford handled a variety of calls during the month, investigating each one thoroughly and through to resolution. One call for a commercial theft led Officer Beckford to locate and identify the suspect after he'd left the scene, arrest him on five open warrants in addition to the theft charges, and then to locate narcotics and paraphernalia during a search incident to the arrest, for which he also charged the suspect.

Officer Beckford's supervisors describe him as, "always ready and eager to assist the citizens of Baltimore County." He is a compassionate, respectful officer in all situations, willing and eager to learn more and improve his skills as a patrol officer and investigator. It is for these reasons that Officer Beckford not only was awarded with Officer of the Month, but also nominated for a Silver Star Award, the second highest Department award which is presented in recognition of service to the Department and the citizens of Baltimore County wherein valor, courage, intelligence, and bravery are demonstrated over and above that normally demanded and expected of dedicated police officers.

Congratulations, Officer Beckford. We are proud to have you representing the Baltimore County Police Department.

The Precinct 3 Officer of the Month for January 2017 is Officer T. Daum #5533.

Officer Daum takes pride in his performance as a patrol officer. He is diligent about handling calls for service on his post, and is a proactive officer who helps to deter crime by generating an active police presence in the area. In January Officer Daum made 43 traffic stops for violations of Maryland traffic law, which also resulted in the clearance of 9 serious traffic offenses, including the arrest of two non-licensed drivers.

He is also an effective investigator, working his cases through to resolution. During January he was able to clear 8 criminal cases, for which he also made 4 arrests.

Officer Daum is a patrol officer who is truly dedicated to the service of his community. On a job well done, congratulations, Officer Daum.

The Precinct 3 Officer of the Month for January is Ofc. N. McElfish #5904.

Officer McElfish is a newer officer who has already established himself as a thorough investigator.  During the month of January he cleared two serious traffic cases, six misdemeanor cases, and a felony case. On January 25 he conducted multiple interviews and inspected available evidence to determine the primary aggressor in a domestic assault and make an arrest. On January 24 he investigated the theft of an auto and, using the interview and investigation skills he has learned, developed suspect information and made an arrest in the case.

Officer McElfish consistently uses a professional demeanor while interacting with the public, showing compassion and solid decision-making skills.  He has a good work ethic and has proven himself a proactive officer dedicated to serving the citizens of Baltimore County. Well done, Officer McElfish!

Sometime between 4 a.m. and 7:25 p.m., an unknown suspect(s) broke into the victim's apartment and stole cash, clothing, a computer, jewelry and video games.

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Revised January 30, 2017