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Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Read news updates from Precinct 2 - Woodlawn.
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Sometime between 4:30 p.m on May 9 and 4:30 p.m. on May 10, an unknown number of suspects kicked in the victim's front door. They stole a game system, a TV and a watch.

The Precinct 2 Officer of the Month for April 2017 is Officer E. Vicarini #5835.

Officer Vicarini had an outstanding month of criminal and traffic enforcement overall, with almost twice the average of the rest of his squad, including 136 pieces of enforcement for traffic violations, 29 case clearances, and 15 arrests for felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Officer Vicarini handled a number of noteworthy cases during April which exemplify his high standard of work ethic and proactive approach to law enforcement in an effort to reduce and prevent crime in his precinct. He handled five different incidents that, through effective investigation techniques, led him to charge suspects with possession of illicit drugs, paraphernalia, and all five with the possession of narcotics with intent to distribute, resulting in the removal of a large quantity of illegal narcotics from the streets in Woodlawn. The majority of these were the result of self-initiated traffic stops for minor violations of motor vehicle law, such as seat-belt and hands-free electronic device compliance.

In another self-initiated investigation, Officer Vicarini noticed an unoccupied vehicle parked at a motel with the hazard lights on. What began as a routine investigation of a suspicious vehicle led to the rescue of a victim of a domestic kidnapping in Pennsylvania and the successful apprehension and prosecution of the suspect.

In addition to his crime fighting efforts, Officer Vicarini is dedicated to being an officer for his community, checking on local businesses and establishing trusting relationships with the owners and workers in the businesses on his post. He inquires about concerns they may have and then works out a plan of action to address those concerns. Officer Vicarini is committed to his role as a public servant and law enforcement officer, and it is for these reasons that he has been awarded the Precinct 2 Officer of the Month for April. Congratulations, Officer Vicarini!

The Precinct 2 Officer of the Month for March 2017 is awarded to Corporal M. Gonzalez.

Corporal Gonzalez leads by example, remains calm under pressure, and routinely handles his supervisory duties in an exemplary fashion, frequently serving in the role of an acting Sergeant.

During the incident involving a police shooting on March 13 in the Woodlawn precinct Corporal Gonzales was the only supervisor in the area when the 5th successive armed robbery occurred. He witnessed one suspect run from the scene and immediately organized a perimeter to contain all of the suspects. He was then one of the officers to locate the suspect vehicle with the additional suspects inside, and, following the shooting, immediately began life saving first-aid on the driver who had attempted to kill him. He remained the only supervisor on scene until additional help arrived, directing police, fire and medic units, maintaining the security of the scene, and keeping all units updated through dispatch.

During a hectic and complicated event, Corporal Gonzalez remained calm, professional, and was the epitome of a leader. His actions during this incident exemplified all of the Core Values of the Baltimore County Police Department, and we are proud to call him one of our own. Congratulations, Corporal Gonzalez, on earning the award for Officer of the Month.

The Precinct 6 Officer of the Month for January 2017 is Officer J. Koscielski #5835.

Officer Koscielski is a diligent and extremely proactive patrol officer. His level of enforcement during the month of January demonstrates that he is an officer committed to his duty of service to the community. He made a total of 13 arrests for both felony and misdemeanor crimes, and one for an open warrant. He also cleared an astounding 21 of his cases during the month. His enforcement and case clearance levels far exceed the average on his shift, and among officers county-wide.

During the month of January Officer Koscielski wrote 123 pieces of enforcement for traffic law violations, including 2 arrests and 9 serious traffic case clearances. He possesses the keen ability to recognize suspicious behavior and look further into his traffic stops to halt criminal behavior. One example of this is a traffic stop he made for a vehicle with a license plate that he recognized was fraudulent. During the initial encounter with the driver he developed probable cause to search the vehicle for controlled dangerous substances and discovered a second license plate which was reported stolen from Montgomery County. The suspect was arrested and charged with appropriate criminal and traffic violations.

Officer Koscielski is a conscientious officer, aware of problem areas on his post, who seriously addresses the concerns of the community for whom he works. One such area is a convenience store that the community has complained is grounds for drug activity. Officer Koscielski was proactively patrolling this area when he observed a suspicious vehicle immediately leave the lot upon his approach. Officer Koscielski also observed a tag violation as the vehicle was leaving and made a legal traffic stop. Upon approach he detected illegal narcotics, leading to a search of the vehicle which resulted in the arrest of the driver and confiscation of enough illegal narcotics and paraphernalia to charge him with the distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

It is this great police work and dedication to the community that makes Officer Koscielski an example for other officers and the Baltimore County Police Department proud to call him one of our own. Congratulations!

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