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Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

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Keyword: first degree assault

At 9:56 p.m., the two subjects became involved in a verbal argument that escalated. The two subjects produced sharp instruments and threatened to stab and kill each other. Witnesses were able to tell police who was at fault which led to the arrest of one of the subjects.

At 4:19 p.m., the suspect climbed through a kitchen window and attempted to assault the victim with a sharp instrument. The suspect was arrested later.

At approximately 11:15 p.m., the suspect struck the victim with a vehicle.

At 2:40 a.m., the unknown suspect assaulted the victim by threatening to kill him with a sharp instrument. The suspect was arrested.

At approximately 1:55 a.m., the suspect attempted to crash his car into a police vehicle. The police vehicle was able to avoid the collision.

At 12:50 a.m., the victim and the known suspect entered into a verbal altercation. The suspect pulled out a firearm during the argument. The suspect then fled the scene in the victim's vehicle that was running outside. The suspect was later found and arrested.

At approximately 7:20 a.m., the suspect was attempting to leave an area where firefighters were cleaning up from fighting a nearby fire. As the suspect left the area, he struck two firefighters. Neither of the firefighters were seriously injured. The investigation is ongoing.

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