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Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Precinct 2 - Woodlawn

Read news updates from Precinct 2 - Woodlawn.
Keyword: attempted robbery
At 5:04 p.m., the unknown suspect entered the BP Gas Station and displayed a knife. The suspect ran to the slightly open cashier's door and demanded that it be opened. The cashier kicked and pushed the suspect, then closed the door. The suspect ran out of the store.
At 11:44 p.m., as the owner of the store was taking out the trash, unknown suspects were hiding behind a dumpster and attempted to rob him. The victim broke away and fled the scene.
At 6 p.m., two unknown suspects assaulted the pizza driver with their fists. However, the suspects fled the scene when they got nothing.
At 3:40 a.m., three unknown suspects approached the taxi driver as he waited for his rider. The suspects displayed guns and demanded money. The taxi driver put the cab in reverse, and sped away before giving his money to the suspects.
At 6 p.m., three unknown suspects approached the victims and attempted to take the property of one victim. The victim pushed the suspects away, then a fight ensued. One suspect struck one victim with a hard plastic parking marker. The victim sustained minor injuries.
At 9 p.m., suspect number one tried to rob the victim earlier in the day. Later in the day, suspect number two punched the victim in the face. The suspects were later identified and arrested.
At 10:50 p.m., the victim was making a food delivery, but was told by the addressee that food wasn't ordered. The victim saw three unknown suspects sitting near the location, two asked for change. The victim told the suspects he had no change, but the suspects yelled at him to give them money. The victim fled in fear and was not robbed.
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Revised September 28, 2016