At 2:08 a.m., the manager of Pappa John's Pizza was closing for the night. While locking the doors, the suspects came from around the corner with their faces covered. One suspect displayed a handgun, while the other suspect demanded the victim open the door and go to the back of the store. They told him they would shoot him if he set off any alarms. The suspect demanded the manager's property , a wallet and a cell phone. He was ordered to open the safe. The victim told them the safe was on a 15 minute delay. He was told to put the combination in and then they locked him in the bathroom while they waited 15 minutes for the safe to open. The suspects ordered the victim to empty the money from the safe into a bag. Then the victim was instructed to enter his vehicle and was ordered to drive to Dogwood Road and Colimar Road where they fled on foot. The victim was not hurt.