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Precinct 12 - Dundalk

Precinct 12 - Dundalk

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Keyword: second degree burglary

Sometime between 10 a.m. July 16 and 5 p.m. July 17, an unknown suspect entered the unlocked garage and stole a bicycle.

At 2:58 a.m., an unknown suspect attempted to gain entry to the property.When the alarm sounded, he fled.

At 1:12 a.m., police responded to a second degree burglary call. The officer located the suspect in front of the location. a witness saw the suspect throw bricks and then heard loud banging. The front door was damaged. The suspect was arrested.

At 12:30 a.m., a known suspect entered the gas station and attempted to steal money from the ATM. When that failed, he attempted to chain the ATM to his vehicle and remove it. Police arrived while the suspect was still at the scene. He was arrested after a short pursuit.

At 3:33 a.m., an unknown suspect broke into the business and stole several items.

At 1:20 a.m., an unknown suspect broke a hole in the front glass door. The suspect climbed through the hole and entered the location. He left the store a few minutes later.

Sometime between 7 p.m. June 28 and 4 p.m. June 29, an unknown suspect stole several bikes at the location.

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