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  1. Sunday morning shooting in Catonsville leaves man injured. #BCoPD

    Sunday morning shooting in Catonsville leaves man injured. #BCoPD ^JW
  2. #TrafficAdvisory #BCoPD ^JW

    #TrafficAdvisory #BCoPD ^JW
  3. Magaline Parker, the woman missing from #Woodlawn , has been located unharmed....

    Magaline Parker, the woman missing from #Woodlawn , has been located unharmed. ^JW
  4. UPDATE: Magaline Parker has been located unharmed in Baltimore City. We're stil...

    UPDATE: Magaline Parker has been located unharmed in Baltimore City.

    We're still looking for Magaline Parker. We have updated our release; she is 81 years old and 4'10".

    Woman With Dementia, 88, Missing From Woodlawn Area
    Police need the public's help finding an 81-year-woman with dementia who is missing from the Woodlawn area.

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Precinct 12 - North Point

Precinct 12 - North Point

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Keyword: attempted robbery

At 3:23 a.m., the victim was approached by two unknown suspects who demanded items from her. The victim attempted to flee when she was struck in the face by one suspect who had a black semiautomatic hand gun. The victim ran away and attempted to call 911. One suspect shouted to the other to grab the victim's phone. The victim outran the suspects and got away.

At 10: 35 p.m., an unknown male suspect approached the victim and asked to use his cellphone. When the victim refused the suspect pointed a black handgun at the victim's chest and demanded the cellphone. The victim refused to give the suspect his phone. With that, the suspect struck the victim several times with the butt of the gun. The victim sustained minor lacerations to his face and head. the suspect fled the scene.

At 9:15 p.m., the unknown subject knocked on the victim's door. When the victim opened the door, the suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money from the two victims.The victims forced the suspect into the hallway where a struggle ensued. The suspect hit one victim several times with the handgun. The suspect ran from the scene. No property was taken.

At 11:10 p.m., an unknown female subject entered the Royal Farm store, approached the clerk, handed the victim a note stating "Give me all your money, I have gun." The employee told the suspect there was no money. The suspect left the store.

At 8:35 p.m., two unknown male suspects approached the three victims as they approached the corner of Church Road and Eddlynch Road. One suspect may have had a hand gun. The suspects did not take property from the victims.

At 10:10 p.m., the victim accepted a ride from three unknown subjects in exchange for five dollars. A suspect in the front seat pulled out a black handgun and attempted to rob the victim. The victim tried to exit the vehicle as one suspect pulled him by his shirt.The victim fell out of the vehicle while it was moving. The suspects fled in a black Dodge Caliber on Fairway towards Keyway.

At 8:45 p.m., the victim was walking through an alley when an unknown male in a silver SUV asked him for drugs. The victim ignored the subject and continued walking. Further down the alley the subject displayed what appeared to be a semi automatic pistol and demanded the victim give him all he had. The victim fled to a nearby house and the suspect drove away

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