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Precinct 1 - Wilkens

Precinct 1 - Wilkens

Read news updates from Precinct 1 - Wilkens.
Keyword: first degree assault
At 12:38 p.m., the known suspect pointed a gun at the victim. When police arrested him, he was in possession of a gun and a knife.
At 5 p.m., an unknown suspect pulled a knife on the victim. When the victim yelled, the suspect left the scene. There were no injuries.
At 10:15 p.m., three known juveniles were involved in an altercation at the Good Samaritan Shepherd center. One of the juveniles picked up a wooden block and struck another in the head causing a mild concussion. Two of the juveniles were arrested.
Around 8:45 p.m., known suspect attempted to assault relatives with a weapon but was unsuccessful. Suspect was arrested.
At 11:30 p.m., the suspect proceeded to choke, punch and kick the victim. The victim fled the location and went to the precinct to report the incident. The suspect was arrested.
At 6:55 p.m., the suspect attempted to injure the victim with a knife. The suspect was arrested and the victim was not injured.
At 5:40 p.m., a known suspect put a knife to the victim's throat.
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Revised September 28, 2016