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  1. Some important changes about Animal Services in Baltimore County ...

    Some important changes about Animal Services in Baltimore County ...

    Baltimore County Md. News - Kamenetz Announces Policy Revisions for Animal Services Program
    Today, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz unveiled a series of policy revisions regarding the County’s Animal Services program, aimed at encouraging volunteer activities, maintaining population growth, and expanding spay and neuter services.
  2. Baltimore County Police have charged a suspect in connection with the February 2...

    Baltimore County Police have charged a suspect in connection with the February 25 shooting on Bayville Rd in Middle River that left a man deceased.

    Antwan Donta Holmes (37) of the 3900 block of Red Deer Circle 21133 has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

    The full release is on our news blog:


  3. Fire Rescue Drills
    Crews at the Baltimore County Fire Rescue Academy conducting rescue drills. Companies routinely train to enhance their skills for public safety.
  4. #BCoPD identifies the person found deceased in Middle River yesterday. http://ow...

    #BCoPD identifies the person found deceased in Middle River yesterday. ^JW

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Office of Media and Communications

The Office of Media and Communications provides information about Police, Fire and Emergency Management activity.

Elise Armacost,, is the Director of the Office of Media and Communications, Public Safety. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office telephone number is 410-887-2210.

Media Requests Outside Normal Business Hours

On holidays and after normal business hours, call Police Liaison (410-307-2020) or Fire Dispatch (410-307-2052) to confirm basic breaking news details. Dispatchers provide basic information and advise if a public information officer has been called to the scene. During significant incidents, Fire and Police dispatch officers must handle multiple tasks and will be extremely busy; they will respond to media as they are able.

On-call Fire and Police PIOs will provide updates about significant breaking news such as shootings, multi-patient crashes and multi-alarm fires through one or more of the following:

For inquiries about non-breaking news and minor incidents, contact the Office of Media and Communications during regular business hours.

Weekly On-Call PIO Schedule

The schedule and contact information for the on-call Public Safety Information Officers (PIO) are provided to media agencies each Monday via email. Please post or share with your editing and reporting staff.

Monday, February 23, through Sunday, March 1:

If you do not have contact numbers for the on-call PIOs, or if you have trouble reaching the on-call PIOs, contact Police Liaison at 410-307-2020, or Fire Dispatch at 410-307-2052.

The on-call schedule is subject to change due to illness or other personal issues.

Resources for Citizens

News About Public Safety

  • Police and Fire news is available online in this section. 
  • You may sign up to receive news about local crime and other Police Department activity via e-mail. 
  • Baltimore County NOW, the County's "news you can use" blog, regularly features articles by public safety experts on a variety of public safety topics.
  • Segments from two public safety cable television programs, the Fire Department's "Answering the Call" and the Police Department's "Police Report" are available online.

Social Media

The Baltimore County Fire Department and the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management provide information about breaking news events, safety tips and other departmental activity.

Revised February 23, 2015

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