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telework graphicRob Stradling, Baltimore County Information Technology Director

With changes in society, the business landscape, and the revolution in communication technology, Baltimore County Government recognizes that County employees in some areas and job functions can perform some work remotely.  We recently announced an employee-friendly telework program designed to reduce the environmental impact of daily commuting while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Our ability to offer this flexible work opportunity to employees is really a reflection of the Kamenetz administration’s focus on using technology to improve government operations by increasing efficiency at the same time as improving service delivery.

Telework is a viable option for some positions and employees, but not all. Employees with proven track records whose job duties can be performed off-site can be approved to work from a remote location for up to five days out of a ten-day pay period. They’ll need to provide, at their own expense, appropriate connectivity and computer equipment and be able to remain in regular contact with managers, co-workers, clients and vendors while not in the office.

Telework is serious business, and approved employees will be required to sign an official agreement with the County, committing to be bound by all applicable procedures, policies and regulations, and to perform only County authorized duties during their telework periods.

Telework could become part of an employee’s regular schedule (one or more days each week) or could be used strategically on an occasional basis when it makes sense. Another benefit of telework is that the employee could do their work outside of traditional work hours with the supervisor’s prior approval.

In my experience, telework tends to actually increase employee productivity, and satisfaction, and helps to retain good people, especially in competitive fields. It’s a win for the environment by cutting down significantly on employee commutes, and it helps in our efforts to continuously improve our ability to deliver excellent service to the people of Baltimore County.  


Revised April 6, 2016