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photo of fallen leavesA Message from Your Leaves…

Hi, do you want a lush, green world in the spring? If so, don’t waste your precious fall weekends raking us into piles and bagging us, or shattering the serenity of sunlit afternoons with leaf blowers. Instead, consider leaving us where we fall – “leafcycle.”


Leafcycling is the process of mulching leaves – that is, mincing us to shreds with your lawn mower – then letting Mother Nature take her course. This thin layer of tiny leaf particles, approximately one-tenth of their original size, will decompose and add valuable nutrients to your soil – for free.

Afraid you have an overwhelming abundance of leaves? No worries. Use my friends and me to mulch around your shrubs or in your flower beds and gardens or as filler for your compost pile. You can count on us to protect the roots of your shrubs and perennials over the blustery, white winter.

We Can Nourish Your Lawn

Why place us on the curb in plastic bags, waiting to be hauled away, when we could be nourishing your lawn?

There are a few simple guidelines to obtain the best results:

  • Instead of waiting for all of the leaves to fall and mulching them in one cutting, do multiple cuttings. This is especially true if you have a lot of leaves.
  • Chop the leaves as finely as possible. The finer the particles, the quicker they will decompose. A mulching mower will assist in this process, but any mower can be used.
  • Make sure the leaf particles don’t cover the tops of the grass blades. You don’t want to smother your lawn.
  • If the mulched leaves are higher than the tops of the grass blades, you can place the excess around your annual plants, shrubs, hedges and trees. A six-inch layer of mulched leaves will quickly settle into the ideal three-inch layer that will help to keep soil moist and protect the plants’ roots through winter.

Thanks on behalf of all leaf types,

Abel the Maple Leaf and her friends at the Baltimore County Recycling Division

Most are Open on Friday

Baltimore County government offices will be closed on Thursday, November 26, in recognition of the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Health Department clinics and senior centers will be closed and CountyRide vans will not operate. The District and Circuit Courts will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27.

Parking Meters and Libraries

All branches of the Baltimore County Public Library will be closed on Thursday, November 26, and open normal hours the rest of the weekend. Parking meters are free from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, November 29, in order to promote local holiday shopping.

No Trash or Recycling Collection on Thanksgiving Day; Landfill Closed

Baltimore County residents whose trash or yard materials would normally have been collected on Thursday, November 26, should set it out on Thursday night for collection on Friday, November 27.  Residents whose single stream recycling would normally have been collected on Thursday, November 26, are asked to hold these recyclables until the next scheduled recycling collection day (Thursday, December 3).

Collections of all types may occur later than usual during the week following Thanksgiving. If a collection does not occur on the scheduled day during this period of time, the materials should be left out until collection occurs.

Trash and recycling drop-off centers, including the Eastern Sanitary Landfill, as well as County offices, will be closed on Thursday, November 26. Drop-off centers will be open with normal hours Friday, November 27, and Saturday, November 28.

For more information, residents should visit the Bureau of Solid Waste Management website or call 410-887-2000.

Facility Brings 60 Jobs to Dundalk 

QRS of Maryland, LLC, a joint venture between QRS and Canusa-Hershman Recycling Company, has opened a one-of-a kind recycling facility in Dundalk to separate and recycle post-consumer household plastics.

The $15 million plant, with more than $10 million in high-tech processing equipment, will create 60 full-time jobs at capacity.

Bales of recycled plastic “QRS of Maryland brings new jobs, new investment and a steady stream of plastics recycling that will help us all live in a more environmentally-friendly way,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “Dundalk’s central Mid-Atlantic location, transportation and distribution routes are a perfect fit for the growing domestic plastic recycling business.”

The facility is expected to help divert tens of thousands of tons annually from landfills and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to the Closed Loop Fund, an impact investment fund that makes below-market loans for recycling infrastructure. The QRS plant in Dundalk, Maryland is the first full recycling facility investment by the Fund, which has established partnerships with major corporations including Procter & Gamble, 3M, WalMart and Johnson and Johnson.  

"Our newest Plastic Recovery Facility in Baltimore County provides communities and recyclers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with a reliable, domestic processing solution for mixed, post-consumer plastic containers,” said Greg Janson, CEO of QRS. 

New Technology Will Increase Reuse of Raw Materials 

The QRS plant combines technology that for the first time will be able to both separate products by resin type and repurpose them into raw materials for new products and packaging. The facility incorporates the latest optical scanning and cleaning equipment and is able to process 4,500 tons of materials every month – nearly double the capacity of what’s presently available domestically. 

“With this new plant, QRS of Maryland is helping to re-shore the plastic manufacturing business to the United States. With reliable, large quantities of sorted and cleaned plastic available for re-use, manufacturers can more easily expand product lines using recycled plastic,” added County Executive Kamenetz.

County Helping with Job Recruitment

Baltimore County is assisting QRS as they recruit workers for the plant. “Our career centers in Eastpoint, Liberty Road and Hunt Valley can help job seekers interested in working at the QRS plant,” said Will Anderson, Director of the Department of Economic and Workforce Development.  

Additional Information

Information on Baltimore County American Job Center locations and job seeker services can be found online.

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