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Dates and Locations

Keep your pet and your family safe this summer by taking advantage of Baltimore County Department of Health's low-cost rabies vaccination clinics. The last of the annual off-site clinics take place May 30 and June 3.


Saturday, May 30
10 a.m. to noon
Fields at Renaissance Park
99 Stemmers Run Road
Essex, Maryland 21221


Wednesday, June 3
6 to 8 p.m.
Rockdale Park
3326 North Rolling Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21244

Clinic Guidelines

Vaccinations are $8 and available to cats, dogs and ferrets owned by county residents. The clinics will be held rain or shine. Animals receiving rabies shots must be at least 12 weeks old. All animals must be on leashes or in carriers. Due to time constraints, safety and escape risk, uncontrollable animals will not be vaccinated during the clinics. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled. All cats must be contained in a properly sized, escape-proof carrier. Exact change is appreciated, as cash and checks will be the only forms of payment accepted.

Vaccinations protect domestic animals and humans from rabies, which is a potentially fatal disease. Baltimore County law requires pets to be licensed and for rabies vaccinations to be kept up-to-date.

Wild Animals

Other precautions against rabies include obeying leash laws and avoiding contact with wild animals, or unknown domestic animals. If your pet has had contact with a wild animal, notify your veterinarian. Additionally, if you have been bitten or scratched by an animal, seek medical attention.

Bite and scratch exposures from any animal to a human or pet exposure to wildlife are also reportable to the local Health Department, Police Department or Animal Control authority.For more information on preventing and protecting your pet from rabies, contact the Baltimore County Department of Health at 410-887-PAWS (7297) or email

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photo of a dog and cat

Tom Scollins
Assistant Chief of Animal Services
Baltimore County Department of Health

Spring is here and so are the Baltimore County Department of Health’s rabies vaccination clinics for dogs, cats and ferrets. The community-based, outdoor clinics are scheduled through June 14.

Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system. People usually get rabies from the bite, scratch or lick of an infected animal. The rabies virus is uncontrolled in the wild; however, the easiest way to protect your pet and your family is to keep your pet’s rabies vaccination up to date. 

Baltimore County has made it even easier for you to protect your pet by offering nine low-cost rabies vaccination clinics across the County. The vaccine cost is only $8 per animal. When attending a clinic with your pet, please note the following:

·         Bring exact change, if possible, as cash and checks will be the only forms of payment accepted.

·         Clinics are held rain or shine; however, the Baltimore County Department of Health reserves the right to cancel or limit the time frame of a clinic in the event of severe weather.

·         Only dogs, cats, and ferrets will be vaccinated at these clinics.

·         Animals must be at least 12-weeks old.

·         Uncontrollable animals will not be vaccinated. Dogs and cats must be on a leash or in a properly sized, escape-proof carrier; muzzles are required for aggressive dogs.

·         If available, bring your animal’s last rabies vaccination certificate (copy or original) to the clinic. 

All vaccinations will be administered by licensed veterinarians who will be assisted by experienced caring technicians. Take advantage of this great, opportunity to protect your pet and family from a deadly, but very preventable disease. We look forward to serving you and your pet!

Rabies clinics are held weekly at the Animal Shelter. Call 410-887-PAWS (7297) to schedule an appointment. The cost for rabies vaccinations is $8.

Also, we have a very special deal for Memorial Day weekend - half-off animal adoptions May 21 to 25! Give a new cat or dog a home for just $25 and $32.50 respectively during this limited time.

dog pawprint imageCharlotte Crenson, Chief
Baltimore County Health Department
Division of Animal Control

May 19-25 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week - the perfect time to remind pet owners and parents what to do to prevent dog bites.  With warm temperatures in the forecast, people and pets are sure to spend more time outdoors, making it vital for pet owners to protect themselves and their pets by obeying animal laws and preventing bites.

The Department of Health investigates approximately 1,000 bite and scratch exposures from dogs annually. Most dog bites occur between April and the end of September, and although the majority of bites are not serious, there are things everyone should do when in the company of a canine companion:
Tips to Share With Children:
•    Be kind to dogs and do not tease them.
•    Do not run from a dog and scream.
•    Do not disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies.

Tips for Pet Owners/Parents:
•    Never leave infants or young children alone with any dog.
•    Immediately report stray dogs or dogs displaying unusual behavior to Baltimore County Animal Control at 410-887-5961.
•    Always have your dog on a leash when off of your property.
•    Do not play aggressive games with your dog (e.g., wrestling).

If you or someone you know is bitten by a dog:
•    File a police report by calling 911.
•    If the owner is present, request proof of rabies vaccination, their name, and contact information. If the animal is a stray and can be safely confined, contact Baltimore County Animal Control Division at 410-887-5961.
•    Clean bite wound with soap and water.
•    Contact your healthcare provider for further instructions.

Responsible pet ownership is the key to having a long lasting relationship with our animals, and preventing bites within our communities.

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