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Adopting a Pet is Now More Affordable 

Adopting a pet or getting services for one in Baltimore County is now more affordable than ever. Reduced fees for adoption, micro-chipping, and spay/neuter procedures are now in effect at Baltimore County Animal Services. 

"The decreased fees will go a long way to making it easier for people all around the County to spay and neuter their pets, to get the appropriate vaccinations and to bring adoptable pets into their homes," said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Fees to spay or neuter a dog or cat are now just $20 for County residents. Included in the $20 sterilization fee, if needed are: microchipping, first distemper and rabies shots, deworming and a County license.

New Fees


New Fees

New Fees for
U.S. Veterans

Previous Fees

Sterilization Fee

(County residents only)

Includes, as needed: microchipping, first distemper and rabies shots, deworming and a County license  

Dogs $20

Cats $20

Dogs $20

Cats $20

Dogs $65

Cats $50

Adoption Fee

Dogs $50

Cats $40 

Dogs $25

Cats $20

Dogs $65

Cats $50





Deep Discount Days  (includes specified holidays and other dates as announced)

50 to 100 percent
off adoption fees

(as announced)

50 to 100 percent
off adoption fees

(as announced)

50 percent off adoption and spay/neuter fees (as announced)

Online Appointment System

Residents can now request a spay/neuter appointment for their pets by using the online appointment system. Once a request is submitted, Animal Services will contact the resident by telephone to confirm the pet's eligibility for the service and to schedule the appointment. The applicable $20 fee is required at that time; a credit card is the only accepted form of payment. Spay and neuter services on an animal are based on a set of criteria. Residents are encouraged to review this criteria prior to making an appointment.

“I am pleased to be a part of the wonderful changes that are taking place in Baltimore County,” said Baltimore County Council Chair Cathy Bevins. “Enhanced access — both physically and financially — to adoption and spay/neuter services should make it easier for people to afford and care for their pets.”

“I am excited to offer these low prices and hope that every County pet owner will take advantage of them, said Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, Director of the Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services. "Doing so will not only improve the health of County pets, but also reduce rabies and overpopulation, while ultimately, saving more animals' lives."

View adoptable pets at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter and visit our Facebook page.

Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption Every Day

Forty-four animals were adopted (seven of them by veterans) during the Baltimore County Animal Services’ (BCAS) 2015 Memorial Day promotion. Of these, 23 were cats and 21 were dogs. The half-off adoption discount to County residents (and waived adoption fees for United States veterans who are County residents) took place from May 17 to 25.

“We are so pleased that residents took advantage of our reduced and in veterans’ cases, waived adoption fees,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “The purpose of our deep discount days is to increase the number of animals adopted from the shelter. The increase from the number of pets adopted per promotion day from 2014’s Memorial holiday is highly encouraging.”

A total of 28 pets were adopted during the 2014 five-day Memorial Day promotion. Of these animals, 17 were cats and 11 were dogs. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 7.6 million pets enter animal shelters each year in the United States. Of these, only approximately 2.7 million are adopted. The American Veterinary Medical Associate states that approximately 40 percent of pet owners learned about their pet through word of mouth. Recognizing the powerful reach of word-of-mouth via social media, the County launched a dedicated Facebook Page for BCAS earlier this year. To date, the page has more than 2,300 “likes.” 

“Owning a pet is a great way to enhance your quality of life and doing so, offers an array of health benefits,” said Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, Director of Health and Human Services. “Pet ownership can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and loneliness, and increase opportunities for exercise outdoor activities and socialization.”

 “I am delighted that so many pets found new homes as a result of our Deep Discount Days” said Baltimore County Council Chair Cathy Bevins. “Additionally, the Pets for Vets promotion is a win-win, offering residents a financial discount, and the animals adopted from our shelter, safe, permanent homes.”

 For those who were unable to make it to the shelter during the Memorial Day promotion, adoptable animals are still available. Adoption fees cover the cost of your new cat or dog that will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and other diseases, licensed and micro-chipped. View adoptable pets at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. For more information about Animal Services, visit the Facebook page or call 410-887-PAWS (7297).

image of woman with outstretched armsGregory Wm. Branch, M.D., MBA, CPE
Director, Department of Health and Human Services
Health Officer and Director, Department of Health

Are you someone who likes to start the New Year on a promising note? Have you fallen into the trap of making goals or resolutions that you cannot meet? Well, Baltimore County has a number of tools that may be just the thing for you!

If you live, work, or play in Baltimore County, use the following tips to become a STAR and shoot towards a healthier you. If some of the tips don't apply to you, don't sweat it. Instead, share them with someone you know who could benefit from them.

Stop Smoking

If you are thinking about quitting or want to quit, Baltimore County has a number of different programs at various times and locations that may work for you. And, even better our smoking cessation classes are free.

Take the Test

What you don’t know could hurt you. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone ages 13 to 64 know their status. You can get free, anonymous testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases at a Department of Health clinic. Sharing this information is great, spreading an infection is not.

Adopt a Pet

Owning a pet can help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, it’s a great antidote for loneliness that can also increase opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization.

There are numerous pets in Baltimore County that are in need of someone who will love and care for them. Consider opening your heart and home to an adoptable pet.

Remember to Schedule an Appointment

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Women can take care of their cervical and breast health by scheduling an annual mammogram and routine Pap test. These screenings may be available free of charge to income eligible women. Men, take care of the women you love, by reminding them to schedule these live-saving tests.

For more information about these tips, contact the Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services by calling 410-887-BCHD (2243).

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