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Sweet Deal graphicBarbara McLean, M.D.
Prevention, Protection, and Preparedness Chief
Baltimore County Health Department

Hearts are in the air this Valentine’s season and Baltimore County wants you to warm your own! Adopt any cat or dog from the County’s shelter between February 8 to 15 and you’ll pay half-off the normal adoption fee. This sweet deal means that you can adopt a cat or kitten for just $25 or a dog or puppy for $32.50.

It’s a great way to give yourself your very own, heart-friendly Valentine. Not only can you save on the sugary treats, you can also improve your quality of life! According to the Centers for Disease Control, owning a pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and loneliness, while increasing opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization.

Baltimore County’s sweet deal on pet adoptions makes being a responsible pet owner easier than ever. Included in the adoption fee, your new pet will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and other diseases, licensed (which is required by Baltimore County law) and micro-chipped with a lifetime registry!

To adopt a pet during this Valentine’s Day season, you must be at least 18 years old and present a photo identification card. This deal doesn’t get any sweeter!

View adoptable pets at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter.

Parternerships for PetsGregory Wm. Branch, MD, MBA, CPE
Director, Health and Human Services | Health Officer

On Friday, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced that the County will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) soliciting non-profit organizations to provide animal sheltering services for dogs and cats on a long-term basis. 

It makes perfect sense for the County to take a fresh, creative approach to solving problems associated with animal care by establishing public-private partnerships with non-profit organizations that provide animal sheltering and adoption services.

Organizations would receive grant funding to offset a portion of the cost of the services and the balance of the cost would be covered by fees, sales, and other revenues from fund raising events, charitable contributions, interest earnings and endowments.  The County would continue to run its own shelter, focusing on public health concerns such as rabies and cases of animal cruelty.

Public-private partnerships are agreements between private organizations and government agencies for the provision of services to the community. These partnerships cut costs, support local businesses, increase public satisfaction, and when it comes to animal care, they save lives.  

Baltimore County has been studying this issue for more than a year, and this kind of private-public partnership is a blueprint for success in addressing our animal care needs.  It will allow non-profits to do what they do best – providing long-term care and adoption services – while the County continues to focus on the public health issues associated with animal care.

The RFP will be formally posted online this week on the County website. 

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