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Jordan Fish
Baltimore County Tourism and Promotion

You may have never realized it, but Baltimore County actually has quite a bit in common with Ireland. Both have towns named “Dundalk.” Both are rich in character and tradition. And both are Irish on March 17th.

Let’s face it; holidays are a lot of work. No, no, not for me, but for other people… “Sorry Mom!” So much time goes into making Thanksgiving dinner, buying Halloween costumes and all the other holiday traditions that seem to sneak up on us every year.

If Thanksgiving is a fine tailored suit, St. Patty’s is a pair of green plaid shorts. The average St. Patrick’s Day reveler has no frantic errands to run, no elaborate feasts to prepare or attend, and no long-term plans or travel to figure out ahead of time (take that New Year’s Eve). Just the wearin’ of the green and a safe ride home and you’re good to go. Now that’s a holiday I can look forward to!

No matter what you enjoy most about St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to drop by Baltimore County’s great neighborhood Irish pubs to celebrate all things Irish, with great food, great music, and great times.

An Poitin Stil – Timonium

Dun Dealgan - Dundalk

Emerald Tavern - Parkville

The Harp  - Nottingham

Kent House Pub – Towson

McAvoy’s – Parkville

Monaghan’s Pub - Woodlawn

Patrick’s of Cockeysville

*Please check each pub’s website for information on food specials, events, and live music throughout the upcoming weekend.


Revised April 6, 2016