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Jim Lathe
Baltimore County Chief of Highways

Okay, let’s get real about emergency websites – you know, those dot-coms and dot-orgs and dot-govs that nobody ever remembers… especially when you need them. Fortunately you can get the latest information by just doing an Internet search for Baltimore County, Snow. It’s the fastest way to find the latest information about road conditions, closings, and emergency measures.

Google© (or any search engine for that matter) is a short-cut to a variety of County web pages active this winter. For instance, a search for Baltimore County, Snow will take you to BC Snowfighter (, which provides hourly updates on winter storm operations and offers an interactive map with road conditions as well as the percentage of County-maintained streets that have been plowed.

When there’s a significant winter weather event that affects transportation and safety, the County’s emergency operations go live with the activation of the Baltimore County Emergency Operations Centers. When necessary, this multi-agency “mission control center” is staffed 24-hours a day and information specialists post regular updates to Twitter.  Follow Baltimore County Emergency Management on Twitter @BACOEmergency for the most current information to help keep your family safe.

In addition, you can find out about inclement weather closings at the Severe Weather and Closing Information site This site posts school closings, court schedules, jury duty cancellations, and trash and recycling pickup.

You can be connected to important news when you need it – online or through social media. So this year there’s no excuse to be out of the loop. Just think Baltimore County, Snow.


Revised April 6, 2016