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Restaurant Specials August 4 to 19, From $15 to $35

At the Milton Inn in Sparks, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced the 14th Baltimore County Restaurant Week to begin on Friday, August 4.

At the kick-off, Kamenetz was joined by promotion partner Keith Scott, president  and CEO of Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce. Sixty-two Baltimore County restaurants have joined the summer promotion.

Diverse Cuisines and Special Menus

The participating restaurants from across the County will feature special menus at discounted, fixed prices, offering one to three course brunch, lunch and dinner specials ranging from $15 to $35.  

“Foodies and patrons alike look forward to Restaurant Week—it’s a great time for them to experience places they’ve been meaning to try at a big savings,” stated Kamenetz. “I encourage everyone to experience the many diverse cuisines in the County and support the local restaurant industry.”

County Restaurants

“Baltimore County’s restaurants provide not only enjoyment for its patrons, but employment to 27,247 workers in its 1,600 establishments,” said Scott. “The restaurant industry is big business in Baltimore County, bringing in $1.6 billion in sales yearly.”

Participating Restaurants

A list of all participating restaurants, menus, and reservations is available.

Promotion Partners

Other partners for the promotion include the Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion,, Lanterna Wine Distributors, Downtown Diane, The Restaurant Association of Maryland, and CITYpeek.

Winter Specials Through February 6

Today, more than half of the 58 participating Baltimore County restaurants decided to extend their discounted, fixed price brunch, lunch, and dinner specials through the week ending February 6.

Restaurant Week offers one to three course brunch, lunch and dinner specials ranging from $15 to $35.  

“We were enjoying the uptick in business thanks to Restaurant Week,” stated Brian Boston, chef and CEO of The Milton Inn in Sparks. “The historic blizzard obstructed our roads and our business, so we are happy to extend the promotion and get back on track.” 


A full list of restaurants can be found at Be sure to contact a selected restaurant regarding their participation in the extension.


Baltimore County Restaurant Week is sponsored by Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, and Sysco. Online partners include Downtown Diane and The Restaurant Association of Maryland.

Revised September 26, 2016