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Heather Jentilet
Baltimore County Solid Waste Management

Photograph of a recycling bin full of recyclable materials.It’s that time of the week again; time to set out recyclables for collection. You take a deep breath, walk to the end of your walkway, place your container on the curb, and that’s that. Your job is done. Exhale. But have you ever taken a moment, as you slowly lower your bin to the ground, to look around at the curbs of your surrounding neighbors to see if theirs are also occupied by a recycling container? Do your neighbors’ bottles, jars, paper, and other recyclables peek from the rim, waiting to be collected? If you haven’t looked around before, I bet you will now. But don’t go sweeping the neighborhood making a mental blacklist of those with empty curbs just yet. Baltimore County has found a new way for you to learn about the recycling habits of your community.

The Bureau of Solid Waste Management has begun a new initiative to promote recycling and recycling awareness throughout the county. The hub for this campaign is There the county is split into 44 areas, with recycling rates posted for each area, every month. Take a look and see how the recycling rate where you live compares to the county-wide recycling goal of at least 50 percent. While on this web site, you can also check out how the county is doing as a whole and read a list of reasons why you should recycle.

So the next time you set your recyclables out, take a moment to look around, and remember that every pound counts.


Revised April 6, 2016