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Baltimore County Summer Restaurant WeekMarjorie Hampson, Director
Baltimore County Tourism & Promotion

In the words of Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” People love to eat out, don’t we? Restaurants are where we gather with friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions of all kinds, and the industry strives to provide patrons with limitless food choices to suit just about any taste, from “plain-Jane” eaters to those with even the most adventurous and sophisticated palates.

However, we need not wait for a special occasion to go out and sample some of the fine cuisine that Baltimore County establishments have to offer. Baltimore County’s Summer Restaurant Week gives people across the region the opportunity to try excellent food at discount prices, but more importantly, it gives people the chance to experience the unique character of Baltimore County’s neighborhoods through our local eateries.

Summer Restaurant Week kicks-off on August 9 and runs for 17 days, until August 25. There are far too many “meals and deals” to limit it to just seven days! Diners can discover new restaurants and enjoy old favorites at a discounted price, with one to three course lunch and dinner specials ranging from $15.13 to $35.13. Fifty-two restaurants throughout Baltimore County are featured marking the largest number of participating restaurants to date. The variety of participating restaurants will suit every taste and budget, from fine dining and fusion to family dining and pubs. It’s time to dine out, Baltimore County! 

Restaurant Week is not just an opportunity to explore neighborhoods while sampling old favorites and trying new food, it is an opportunity to support one of Baltimore County’s most important industries. With more than 1,200 establishments countywide, Baltimore County’s restaurant industry employs roughly 25,000 people and generates approximately $1.4 billion in sales and $82 million in taxes annually. Restaurant Week is a chance to try all that Baltimore County has to offer and to support some of our hardest-working local businessmen and women, all while eating amazing food at great prices.

The Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, and SYSCO are sponsoring the promotion. Partners include the Restaurant Association of Maryland, Downtown Diane and OpenTable.

For a full list of participating restaurants, menus, and reservation options, go to

Tourism LogoMarjorie Hampson, Director
Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion

The Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion has a brand new website —! Visitors and residents alike can log on and see what’s happening around the County.

Check out where to eat, play, and stay. Be sure to scroll through the calendar of events and build an itinerary for a weekend of fun or to find the latest museum exhibit. Use the site to plan a special night at one of the County’s superb restaurants, catch the latest show at your favorite theater, and visit a late night coffee house for dessert!

But this new site isn’t just for out-of-towners — it’s also a great tool for residents who want to explore other parts of the County they call home. Never been to Baltimore County’s waterfront? Thinking of attending the Maryland Grand National this year? Want to go shopping in historic Catonsville? can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

Enjoy Baltimore County’s local flavor — north County wineries and neighborhood restaurants; its festive nature — cultural festivals and attractions; and its sense of adventure — parks, horse country, and water sports.

Yep, Enjoy Baltimore County! Visit:

St Patrick's Day image

Jordan Fish
Baltimore County Tourism and Promotion

You may have never realized it, but Baltimore County actually has quite a bit in common with Ireland. Both have towns named “Dundalk.” Both are rich in character and tradition. And both are Irish on March 17th.

Let’s face it; holidays are a lot of work. No, no, not for me, but for other people… “Sorry Mom!” So much time goes into making Thanksgiving dinner, buying Halloween costumes and all the other holiday traditions that seem to sneak up on us every year.

If Thanksgiving is a fine tailored suit, St. Patty’s is a pair of green plaid shorts. The average St. Patrick’s Day reveler has no frantic errands to run, no elaborate feasts to prepare or attend, and no long-term plans or travel to figure out ahead of time (take that New Year’s Eve). Just the wearin’ of the green and a safe ride home and you’re good to go. Now that’s a holiday I can look forward to!

No matter what you enjoy most about St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to drop by Baltimore County’s great neighborhood Irish pubs to celebrate all things Irish, with great food, great music, and great times.

An Poitin Stil – Timonium

Dun Dealgan - Dundalk

Emerald Tavern - Parkville

The Harp  - Nottingham

Kent House Pub – Towson

McAvoy’s – Parkville

Monaghan’s Pub - Woodlawn

Patrick’s of Cockeysville

*Please check each pub’s website for information on food specials, events, and live music throughout the upcoming weekend.


Revised April 6, 2016