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kids playing soccerMichael Schneider
Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks

Oh, what a summer it’s been so far. It’s been sunny, hot, rainy, sticky…did I mention that it’s been HOT? Nonetheless, this summer has been FUN! 

Throughout our beautiful County, you can see the smiles and hear the laughter coming from our recreation centers, PAL centers and parks. 

From daycare to down-on-the-beach and through the woods, our kids have been involved in well-supervised programs that keep them busy with new friendships, activities and adventures that are great summer experiences for youngsters. 

From Dundalk to Baltimore Highlands and everywhere in between, our summer playgrounds and camps are bustling with activities like sports, games, crafts, nature experiences and field trips. For instance, Camp Red Fox is enjoying weekly trips to beautiful Cascade Lake, and a huge cookout for our PAL centers held by Rocky Point Beach was a major highlight for some incredible kids, making the hottest of days “way cool” with games, picnicking and the delightful waters of the Chesapeake Bay.   

Our parks and facilities offer everything from adult sports leagues, ice skating and hockey to hiking, kayaking, beach picnics and swimming.

This has been a great summer for Baltimore County Recreation and Parks so far, but don’t miss out on the rest! Call your recreation center for a preview of what’s happening during the rest of summer!


Revised April 6, 2016