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Palisades TowsonFronda Cohen
Baltimore County Office of Communications

The first time I walked into the lobby, I thought I was in a luxury hotel. A large contemporary stone fireplace was warming oh-so-comfy chairs. It only got better when I went to the fifth floor, where residents and their guests find a stunning community room with several entertainment areas, a heated rooftop pool, and a fitness center. The only word I can think of for these spaces is “curated.” It’s easy to envy the residents of the 357 apartments in this 18-story building.

I’ll stop here, before I sound too much like a leasing brochure. Here’s my point: The building is on Washington Avenue in the Palisades of Towson. Yes, downtown Towson. 

More than 2,600 equally beautiful apartments and townhomes have recently been built or are in development, all within a five-minute walk of the shopping, restaurants, parks and entertainment in downtown Towson. These new homes are perfect for young professionals, college students and faculty, and people who want all the amenities of 21204 living without having to mow a lawn.

What does this mean for Towson? It means more people will be just down the street from their office or college campus, enjoying downtown Towson life. It means more people will be walking from home to catch a movie at the new theatres being built at Towson Square, or stopping by Towson City Center for a Live Lunch concert at the new WTMD studios. It means more people will be enjoying a meal at a locally-owned restaurant (Oyster Bay Grille just opened, and Cunningham’s is opening soon). It means more people will be working off that meal at the new L.A. Fitness Center at Towson Commons, visiting an exhibit at the Towson Arts Collective, and discovering one-of-a-kind gems along Allegheny Avenue. 

New residential development in downtown Towson is already bringing over $450 million in private investment to the County. We asked County Executive Kevin Kamenetz what this means for the county as a whole. “The new development in downtown Towson translates into hundreds of construction jobs, plus increased tax revenue to help the County pay for schools, public safety and upgrades to our aging infrastructure. This is vital to our continued economic success.” 

“A great County seat deserves a great, vibrant downtown,” the County Executive added. “With all the luxury amenities in the new apartment communities, it might be tough to coax downtown Towson residents out of their buildings. But who would want to pass up the shopping, restaurants and entertainment just down the street? After all, isn’t that why folks are moving here in the first place?”

Click here for a slide show of the new luxury apartments in downtown Towson.

apple on teacher's deskKevin Kamenetz
County Executive

To Dr. Dance and his administrative team:  Thank you for creating such a positive school climate all across Baltimore County.  Team BCPS is a reality, and it’s making a difference in our children’s lives.

To all of the administrators, teachers and support staff:  Thank you for all you do for Baltimore County’s students each and every day.  I know that many of you worked all summer preparing for the 2013-2014 school year, and as I drove by schools this weekend, I saw the parked cars of many educators who were putting the finishing touches on classrooms and getting ready for the most exciting day of the school year.

To our students:  I know that many of you are very nervous, particularly our kindergarten students, 6th and 9th graders.  Thank you for taking school so seriously.  As I go from school to school, I’m always incredibly impressed by how hard students are working.  Keep up the good work!

And finally, to our parents:  I want to thank you most of all. You have been there from the beginning. You were the first to teach your sons and daughters their numbers and letters. You read them their first books. You take them to band practice and pick them up from student council. You take them to the zoo, science center and aquarium. You make them do their homework, make sure they have a good breakfast, and you work hard to teach them the difference between right and wrong. You are the foundation upon which BPCS rests.

I hope all of you have a wonderful year, and let’s continue to make the Baltimore County Public School System one of the best in the nation.

Image of Towson Row ConceptKevin Kamenetz
Baltimore County Executive

One of the great pleasures as Baltimore County Executive is the opportunity to share great news that will have a positive impact on everyone living in our County. I just had the pleasure of unveiling Towson Row, a $300 million development project at the southern gateway to downtown Towson.   

There are a lot of things I particularly love about this announcement. First, this is truly a transformational private investment in downtown Towson and in our County. The offices, apartments, student housing, hotel, shops, restaurants, an upscale grocery with plenty of parking will truly transform our County seat into a vibrant downtown center. 

It’s a bit difficult to visualize where all this development fits into downtown Towson. Towson Row will be bounded by York Road, Towsontown Boulevard, Chesapeake, Susquehanna, and Washington Avenues. Right now, there are mostly older office buildings and parking lots on these five acres, but since they sit behind other buildings, it’s a bit hard to see from the major roads. But don’t worry, once the project is built, you won’t be able to miss it!  You’ll start to see construction in 2015.        

Second, Towson Row will be developed, owned and managed by Caves Valley Partners. This is the team that transformed the former Investment Building at the Towson traffic circle into the gleaming, fully leased Towson City Center.  Caves Valley Partners is based in Baltimore County and brings development expertise and success, plus a vision and commitment to excellence from a team that lives and works here.

Third, Towson Row is $300 million in private sector investment. This project will bring millions in new property tax revenue to Baltimore County, which will  help us support public safety, public education, and restore our aging infrastructure, and help us continue to hold the line on income and property tax rates. It will also provide construction jobs and new employment opportunities. 

Fourth, Towson has become a “hot spot” for new development. Over $600 million in private investment is taking shape in downtown Towson just in the past three years. We now add Towson Row to Towson City Center, residences at The Palisades and 101 YORK, and the Towson Square movies theatres and restaurants. Take a virtual video tour of new development in downtown Towson.

I’m pleased and proud to say “it’s Towson’s Time.”  

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