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Cease the GreaseGerald Chambers, Office Automation Assistant
Baltimore County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Utilities

Baltimore County’s “Cease the Grease” program was created to prevent sewage overflows and basement backups resulting from fats, oils and grease (F.O.G.) in the County’s sewage system. For residential customers, Baltimore County is implementing a public education program consisting of educational outreach, informational F.O.G. flyers and a page on the County’s website. For commercial food service establishments, the County enforces F.O.G. requirements under the Food Service Facility Regulations.

The primary F.O.G. sources are everyday foods such as cooking oil, sauces, butter, shortening, etc. These ingredients make their way into the sewage collection system through kitchen drains. Once inside the system, fats, oils and grease will cool, harden and begin to coat the inside of the sewer pipes. Over time, F.O.G. buildup will clog pipes, restrict the flow of wastewater and result in sewage overflows and/or basement backups. These overflows result in raw sewage overflowing into our streets, parks and homes, exposing the public to harmful disease-causing micro-organisms. In cases of backups on private property, the property owner is often responsible for the cleanup costs. To avoid these overflows and backups:

  • Never pour F.O.G. into your sink or toilet. Instead, put F.O.G. into a small can and store in the freezer until full. When it’s full, throw it into the trash.
  • When there is F.O.G. residue in a pan or on a dish, wipe it with a paper towel before washing and throw the towel in the trash.
  • Place a strainer in the kitchen sink drain to catch food scraps and other solids, then empty the strainer into the trash.

For more information, please call 410-887-1836 or e-mail


Revised April 6, 2016