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Winter Specials Through February 6

Today, more than half of the 58 participating Baltimore County restaurants decided to extend their discounted, fixed price brunch, lunch, and dinner specials through the week ending February 6.

Restaurant Week offers one to three course brunch, lunch and dinner specials ranging from $15 to $35.  

“We were enjoying the uptick in business thanks to Restaurant Week,” stated Brian Boston, chef and CEO of The Milton Inn in Sparks. “The historic blizzard obstructed our roads and our business, so we are happy to extend the promotion and get back on track.” 


A full list of restaurants can be found at Be sure to contact a selected restaurant regarding their participation in the extension.


Baltimore County Restaurant Week is sponsored by Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, and Sysco. Online partners include Downtown Diane and The Restaurant Association of Maryland.

Seeks gains in education, transportation and public safety

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced Baltimore County’s legislative priorities for this year’s General Assembly session that begins tomorrow in Annapolis.

"In consultation with our County's senators and delegates, along with the leadership of the General Assembly, we have crafted important legislative initiatives that will greatly benefit the citizens of Baltimore County and the region," said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.  "We will work hard to make gains in education, transportation, and public safety, and I look forward to a productive 90 day session in Annapolis." 

Baltimore County

Legislative Priorities 2016

  • Advance State funding share for school renovation and construction

    • BCPS has requested $133 million in state matching funds that would be used to add seats, renovate and build new schools, and air condition every County school by 2019.

  • Seek full funding for Countys $64.4 million transportation request

    • The County requests that the State invest in regional mass transit alternatives, make traffic improvements in Owings Mills and Sparrows Point, and provide community development opportunities with streets, streetscapes, and sidewalk improvements. Requests on State roadways include:

    •  Extension of Security Boulevard to Johnnycake Road

    •  Widening and raising of the road from Mohrs Lane to Campbell Boulevard

    •  Construction of a sidewalk on Kenwood Avenue from Lillian Holt Road to Hazelwood Avenue

    •  Creation of a center lane boulevard on Liberty Road between Rolling Road and Courtleigh Drive

    •  Improvements to Frederick Road, (MD 144) from Prospect Avenue to Briarwood Road

    •  Improvements to Eastern Avenue (MD 150) from Mace Avenue to MD 702 as well as relocation of the MARC station on Eastern Avenue

  • Request mandatory minimum statewide staffing levels for social worker caseloads

    • Baltimore County’s average annual caseload per DSS employee is 842 while the State median is 700. The County requests additional state funding to reach the median workload.

  • Ensure that the State fulfill its remaining $1.5 million commitment for the Eastern Family Resource Center

    • Based on the State’s prior commitment, the County broke ground on a $26 million shelter, transitional family housing, and health and vocational services facility utilizing $16 million in County funds, $5 million from Medstar Health and $5 million from the State. The $1.5 million will fulfill the State’s commitment.

  • Secure State support for the following capital projects:

    • Clarify bond language permitting State funds to be allocated for Angel Park in Perry Hall.

    • Receive $500,000 in matching capital funding for roundabout at the intersection of Tufton and Greenspring Roads in historic Worthington Valley.

Key Legislative Issues

  • Advocate for restoration of $68 million in GCEI funding in the current fiscal year, restoring Baltimore County’s share of $2.9 million.

  • Work closely with Speaker Busch and President Miller on policies that stimulate the economy in the Baltimore region.

  • Work with the environmental community in its effort to increase Maryland’s renewable energy portfolio, bringing jobs to the State.

  • Address key issues related to use of police-worn body cameras.

  • Support statewide efforts to combat substance abuse.

  • Support legislative efforts to reform Maryland’s criminal justice system.

Participating Restaurants Offer Specials January 15 to 30

The Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, and Sysco are pleased to announce the 11th Baltimore County Restaurant Week beginning on Friday, January 15. 

Fifty Baltimore County restaurants have joined the January promotion.

Experience Cuisines at Big Savings

The participating restaurants from across the County will feature special menus at discounted, fixed prices, offering one to three course brunch, lunch, and dinner specials ranging from $15 to $35.

“Foodies and patrons alike look forward to Restaurant Week – it’s a great time for them to experience places they’ve been meaning to try at a big savings,” stated Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “I encourage everyone to experience the many diverse cuisines in the County and support the local restaurant industry.”

Participating restaurants and menus are available online. 

Partners for the promotion include Downtown Diane and The Restaurant Association of Maryland.


Revised April 6, 2016