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Date: Apr 17, 2013

photo of Chevrolet Spark Fronda Cohen
Baltimore County Office of Communications

The first eMotor just rolled off the new production line at the GM plant in White Marsh yesterday, launching the Baltimore County facility as the global manufacturing source for a motor for the Chevrolet Spark electric vehicle.  They tell me it’s an oil-cooled, permanent magnet motor, and that GM engineers optimize the motor’s performance by using specifically designed bar wound copper stator and unique rotor configuration. 

So, really, what does that mean to me? I’m just driving around the Beltway trying to get to work on time.

First, it means jobs and investment in Baltimore County’s economy. GM has invested $121.3 million in the White Marsh plant for eMotor production, representing GM’s ongoing role in rebuilding American manufacturing.

It means that an American car company is investing in a sustainable electric vehicle, and building its motors in a sustainable plant.  GM’s Baltimore Operations facility is landfill- free, producing 9% of its energy from a roof top solar array. The new e-motor plant means significant investment in a sustainable future, both in the way the plant is run and in the products it manufactures. Green to the core.

There’s just one problem.  It may be a while before we can buy a Spark EV here.  This energetic car with the Made-in-Baltimore County eMotor will arrive in dealer showrooms in California and Oregon this summer, and will then be available in Canada, Europe, Mexico and South Korea. 

I guess that gives me time to find out what a “bar wound copper stator” is.


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