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Date: Mar 2013

Reisterstown Main StreetAmy Mantay, Interim Main Street Manager
Baltimore County Planning Department

The Reisterstown Main Street Committee has taken a giant leap of faith this Spring. Focused on obtaining Main Street Maryland designation for the core of Main Street in historic Reisterstown, the Committee is working very hard to get a running start on revitalization. The group reached out to business and property owners, as well as the community at-large, to get ideas and input. Now it’s time to begin looking at all the projects on the Reisterstown “To-Do” list.

For a village that began with a tract of land purchased by John Reister in 1758, now, over 250 years later, Reisterstown still evokes the spirit of a quaint village. With its two-lane road lined by small residential and commercial structures, Main Street is the heart of Reisterstown. And it’s this character that the Main Street Committee wishes to protect and promote.

Using the guiding principles of the Main Street Maryland program five sub-committees have been formed to direct the Committee’s revitalization efforts: Design; Economic Restructuring; Promotion; Organization; and Clean, Safe, & Green. Each of these committees is seeking volunteers to help with the projects that will lead to lively, more vibrant Main Street.

The Design Committee is beginning to look at issues such as public parking, crosswalks, traffic speed, and road design issues along Main Street. Economic Restructuring wants to form a stronger partnership with existing merchants in order create a strategy to increase their customer base and visitors to Main Street, as well as develop a plan to encourage new businesses to locate in the area. Fundraising and volunteer recruitment is the initial focus of the Organization Committee. If you’re local, they may be reaching out to you soon or you may see them at some of the community events the Promotion Committee is planning for the summer. The Clean, Safe, & Green Committee is already committed to working with merchants to create a Merchants on Patrol program to increase security awareness. They are also organizing Main Street clean-ups this Spring and Summer, so if you see them pulling weeds or picking up trash stop by and lend a hand!

The Main Street area also benefits from Baltimore County Commercial Revitalization District designation. This designation provides business and property owners access to County programs such as Architect-on-Call, the Building Improvement Loan Program, Commercial Revitalization Tax Credits, and Commercial Revitalization Action Grants.

For more information about the Main Street Committee or to volunteer for a committee or project, please contact the Interim Main Street Manager, Amy Mantay at 410-887-3480 or .  Also, check out Reisterstown Main Street on Facebook and the

Tech-savvy Patapsco HS students Kevin Kamenetz
Baltimore County Executive

What will the schools of tomorrow look like?  I would guess that each student would use smartphones and tablets in class, with textbooks relegated to a study of ancient history. The entire school building would be wi-fi enabled, allowing students to access the Internet for problem solving and research at a moment's whim. Why, I think that students and teachers could interact via Twitter feeds, both inside the classroom and even at home!

Well, guess what?  The world of tomorrow land is here today - at the very special Patapsco High School Center for the Arts in Dundalk. Earlier this month I joined School Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance for a tour of Patapsco where we met with the students and faculty for a jaw-dropping view of how technology can be used as an integral part of the learning process.

Principal Ryan Imbriale has created an amazing community of learners in eastern Baltimore County.  It is no wonder that Dr. Dance is eager to spread this magic system wide. What happens at Patapsco? Well, here is just a small sample of what took place the day I visited.
It is a school where the principal's daily update isn't done over a traditional public address system, but on the internet via a You Tube video that is also available to parents. It is a school where students are using a variety of social media to enhance learning. It is a school where students are encouraged to bring smart phones and tablets to school so that they may be used as part of the learning process. Classroom Twitter feeds are displayed on white boards encouraging students to react to classroom discussions immediately. In Spanish class, the Spanish tweets were being posted fast and furiously.  In science labs, students were using their phones to connect to links to QR codes posted around the room leading to problems that must be solved. Students worked in groups, actively engaging and supporting one another to solve these complex problems. Teachers worked hand-in-hand with students as guides in the learning process.
As my staff would tell you, I haven't been able to stop talking about the teachers and students at Patapsco. I am so excited about what is taking place there and even more excited that Dr. Dance firmly believes that this type of instruction can become the model for Baltimore County. I look forward to making that journey together.

St Patrick's Day image

Jordan Fish
Baltimore County Tourism and Promotion

You may have never realized it, but Baltimore County actually has quite a bit in common with Ireland. Both have towns named “Dundalk.” Both are rich in character and tradition. And both are Irish on March 17th.

Let’s face it; holidays are a lot of work. No, no, not for me, but for other people… “Sorry Mom!” So much time goes into making Thanksgiving dinner, buying Halloween costumes and all the other holiday traditions that seem to sneak up on us every year.

If Thanksgiving is a fine tailored suit, St. Patty’s is a pair of green plaid shorts. The average St. Patrick’s Day reveler has no frantic errands to run, no elaborate feasts to prepare or attend, and no long-term plans or travel to figure out ahead of time (take that New Year’s Eve). Just the wearin’ of the green and a safe ride home and you’re good to go. Now that’s a holiday I can look forward to!

No matter what you enjoy most about St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to drop by Baltimore County’s great neighborhood Irish pubs to celebrate all things Irish, with great food, great music, and great times.

An Poitin Stil – Timonium

Dun Dealgan - Dundalk

Emerald Tavern - Parkville

The Harp  - Nottingham

Kent House Pub – Towson

McAvoy’s – Parkville

Monaghan’s Pub - Woodlawn

Patrick’s of Cockeysville

*Please check each pub’s website for information on food specials, events, and live music throughout the upcoming weekend.


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