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Date: Jul 11, 2012

by Fronda Cohen

Baltimore County Office of Communications

I was walking heading toward Dulaney Valley Road at the Towson traffic circle when I saw something strange: a huge head on a wall.  A giant young man is looking up at the sky, but his expression really doesn’t tell you much. If he’s happy, his face sure isn’t giving it away.  Has he just been woken up and is giving you that “really” look?  Is he hoping that if he stares long enough, inspiration will come from somewhere in down York Road?  The words “something big is coming” tumble next to his enormous left ear.

The folks bringing you this huge head are from 89.7 WTMD, Towson University’s public radio station. The station is moving from campus to the new Towson City Center this fall.  There’s a musical tradition in this space. Years ago, it was home to the eclectic An die Musik store.      

WTMD general manager Steve Yasko sees the station’s new location in the center of Towson as a community arts facility, with TMD hosting and broadcasting live concerts and serving as a community meeting place and education center.   

I guess you need really big ears to catch all of that. Stay tuned!


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