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Title: Calling All Storm Data Wonks

Baltimore County Storm DataEd Adams, Department of Public Works Director
Jim Lathe, Highways Bureau Chief

It’s November and the skies seem to have turned on us. Hurricane, wind and snow storms are suddenly on our minds. Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works took a look at storms over the past dozen years, and found some interesting facts.

  • July 2010 to June 2011 saw the most storms (12), but nowhere near the most snow accumulation. That record goes to 2009, when 10 storms, including dual blizzards, dropped an estimated 84 inches of snow on the County. 
  • The cost of a ton of road salt almost doubled from about $30 in 2000 to nearly $60 in early 2012. Current prices have fluctuated down a bit to $53 per ton.
  • The County used 102,042 tons of salt during 11 storms in 2002-2003.
  • Superstorm Sandy alone cost the County’s Public Works department $230,486.

This storm related cost data and more is now available on the Baltimore County’s Highway Bureau web page at Data will be updated after each significant storm event. As County Executive Kamenetz said, "This is just one more way we are making government transparent."   

If you live or work in Baltimore County, you’ll want to bookmark the Snowfighters web page at for updated information on road conditions including salting and plowing operations throughout the County.


Revised April 6, 2016