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Housing Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the County have any programs to help me fix up my home?
The County administers single family rehabilitation loan programs for low and moderate income homeowners. The terms of the loans are very favorable. In order to apply, one must apply through the Division of Neighborhood Improvement's Housing Opportunities Program. Call 410-887-3124 for an appointment.

Q. Can you explain the Settlement Expense Loan Program (SELP)?
The Settlement Expense Loan Program was established to help moderate income families purchase a first home. The County can lend up to $5,000 to income eligible purchasers to help pay down payment and closing costs required in the purchase of an existing home within the designated Community Conservation Areas of Baltimore County.

Q. How do I apply for a SELP loan?
You must first attend a First Time Home Buyers Workshop. Call 410-887-3124 for a schedule of Workshops and their locations. After attending the workshop, you must also make an appointment for individual financial counseling with a housing counselor. This will all be explained at the Home Buyers Workshop. You are not eligible for a SELP loan if you already have a signed contract to buy a house.

Q. What is the 4 percent mortgage program I've heard about?
The 4 percent mortgage, known as the "Acquire, Renovate, and Customize a Home" ("ARCH") Program, is a cooperative effort between the County and the State. The State is making very low interest mortgage money available to first time home buyers for the purchase and rehabilitation of a home in one of five designated neighborhoods -- West Inverness in Dundalk, St. Helena/Old Dundalk, Powhatan Hill-Gwynn Oak, Riverview in Lansdowne, and Greater Hillendale. Interested persons must first attend a Home Buyers Workshop and an individual counseling session. Call 410-887-3124 for a schedule and more information about ARCH.

Revised April 13, 2016         


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