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About Baltimore County

Budget, Payments (Parking)


Business Assistance, Construction Bids, Purchasing Bids, Projects (Construction Contracts), Industrial Wastewater Discharge, Rental Registration

Construction and Land Use

About Permits, Approvals & InspectionsBuilding Inspections, Building Plans Review, Development Plans Review, Code Enforcement, Community Development Block Grant, Construction, Electrical Inspection, Flooding, Land Acquisition, Miscellaneous Permits, Permit Requirements, Planning, Plumbing Inspection, Structural Design, SurveyorsZoning Enforcement


Library, Schools


Workforce Development, Retirement from the County 


Environment, Lead Paint (Safety), Substance Abuse

Human Services

Aging/Seniors, Children, Disabilities, Social Services

Legal Matters

Civil Mediation, Marriage/Divorce, Liens, Records (i.e. Land, Birth/death), Courts, Jury Duty (Parking), Law Office, State's Attorney

Public Safety

Corrections, Fire



Residential Services

Home Ownership,  Alley/Sidewalks, Recycling, Trash/Recycling Collection, Trash/Recycling Disposal Centers, Sewers, Sewer/Water Charges, Snow, Storm Drainage, Water


Parking, Roads, Signs/Signals, Traffic

Revised April 13, 2016         


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