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2000–2004 Young Women of the Year

Young Woman of the Year 2004

Photo of Erin Williams.
Erin Williams

Erin is a senior at Chesapeake High School where she demonstrates outstanding leadership abilities and exemplary academic performance while overcoming many obstacles. Despite the difficulties of more than forty operations to correct physical problems related to a genetic disorder, Erin stays focused, engaged and positive. She places eighth in her class of two hundred students and continues to take honors classes. She is actively involved in sports, dance, theater and the class steering committee. Her classmates depend on Erin's steadfast participation, and she leads the senior class by her own example of optimism and perseverance. Erin is a young woman of distinction and honor who has been an inspiration to many students and staff at Chesapeake High School. Erin shows others there is rarely an obstacle they can't over come. Because of her commitment to excellence and to helping others, Erin Williams is the 2004 Young Woman of the Year.

Young Woman of the Year 2003

Photo of Sara Reihl.
Sara Reihl

The Commission for Women selected Sara Reihl, Young Woman of the Year for her outstanding academic achievement at Parkville High School where she was accepted into Advanced Placement and Honors classes. She was inducted into The National Society of High School Scholars, The National Spanish Honor Society, The National Dance Honor Society and accepted to Who's Who Among American High School Students.  Sara was a flutist with the Symphonic and Marching band and played the French Horn with the Concert Band. She was Goalie on Varsity Hockey, managed the Lacrosse Team, active in the Student Government Association, and participated in Young Life Club and School Productions. Sara received the Girl Scout Gold Award. She has co-authored a puppet show, Alike and Different a play about persons with disabilities. Sara has extensive community service as a volunteer and mentor and shows a dedication to helping individuals with disabilities.

The Commission will presented the Young Woman of the Year Award on Monday, March 24, 2003, and is proud to honor young woman who symbolizes the talent of American youth and who serves as an excellent role model to her peers. 

Young Woman of the Year 2002

Chung Cheuk
Chung "Christina" Cheuk is described by her guidance counselor as a "motivated, energized and energizing" young woman. In addition to her many scholastic achievements, she is devoted to making changes in her world--her school, home, community--for the greater good of all.

In addition to achieving a 4.0 grade point average in the most demanding classes at school, Christina has been a positive force in creating a stimulating and creative climate throughout Perry Hall High School.

Her leadership activities include president of the Student Council, Board Member of the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, Peer Counselor and statewide trainer, Vice President of the "Model UN" program, and delegate to the statewide Maryland Youth in Government program. In addition, she is a member of the marching band, class government, Music Club, Asian-American Club, the literary magazine and French Club.

She is known throughout Perry Hall High School as a positive and effective force in leading programs and classmates as they attain higher and higher achievements and set higher and higher goals. She invariably brings a burst of energy to her fellow students, connecting them to the running of the school and of the community.

Looking at Christina's resume of activities and awards, it is difficult to imagine how she finds the time and energy to make high quality contributions to so many areas.  The answer seems to lie in her intelligence, her natural affinity to organize time and talent and her drive for excellence in both herself and her world. Service is simply a way of life for Christina Cheuk. She seeks ways to bring illumination, power and excellence to a myriad of organizations both within and outside of her school. A perfectionist, she is critical of her work and constantly looking for ways to improve.

Chung "Christina" Cheuk personifies the balance of school life and extra-curricular activities. It is never enough for her to do great things; she also endeavors to get others to do the same.

Young Woman of the Year 2001

Valerie Gail Cummins
Valerie has been named the Women's Commission's Young Woman of the Year. A senior at Eastern Technical High School. Valerie has excelled in academics sports and extra-curricular activities. She has volunteered more than 100 hours of her time in the newborn nursery at Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, been an active member of Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), volunteered in a nursing home, and planted trees for the environment on Hart-Miller Island. As a member of the school's Interact Club, she has worked to provide food, clothing and shelter for those less fortunate in the community and in other targeted areas around the county.

In addition, to her volunteer activities, Ms. Cummins has consistently worked in various positions, while maintaining a 3.75 grade point average with challenging Advanced Placement and Gifted and Talented Courses throughout High School. She has been on the Principal's List, the Honor Roll (every semester since first grade), has had perfect attendance and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Since her career interests lie in the allied health field, Ms. Cummins has worked part time in a physician's office for the past year and a half, assisting with minor procedures, injections, and other clinical duties.

She is also an avid skier and swimmer, and plays softball and baseball in her spare time.

Young Woman of the Year 2000

Tamyra Carroll
Tamyra was named Baltimore County Commission for Women Young Woman of the Year 2000, is described as intelligent, focused, motivated and personable. While committed to her education and academics at Pikesville High School, Tamyra's extracurricular activities have included participation in Food for Thought; tutoring underprivileged youth; activities with BLEWS, the Coalition of Blacks and Jews; volunteering on a political campaign; volunteering at a summer camp for youth all in addition to maintaining a 20 hour a week part time job. Her future plans include becoming a doctor. Tamyra's ability, to balance her academics and personal life while meaningfully contributing to the community, earns her the award, "Baltimore County Young Woman of the Year."

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