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 Women and Young Women of the Year Winners 

Each year, the Baltimore County Commission for Women accepts nominations for its annual "Woman of the Year" and "Young Woman of the Year" awards. The award honors female residents of Baltimore County who serve as role models for other women. And the winners are...

2002 | 2001 | 2000

Woman of the Year and Young Woman of the Year 2002

Dr. Michelle Leverett - Woman of the Year

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Baltimore County's Health Officer and Director of the Department of Health, Dr. Michelle A. Leverett has found herself in some uncharted territory and she has met the new challenges head on.

In addition to looking after the health needs of the County's residents, leading a department of eight bureaus, eight community health centers, numerous community based health services, supervising nearly 450 employees and a budget of $40,000,000. Dr. Leverett has led the County's charge against potential killers like anthrax and implemented procedures against terrorist threats in Baltimore County.

Recently, she has diligently worked along with the Baltimore County Police and Fire Departments to ensure emergency preparedness. She has been lauded by her colleagues for helping to allay community fears related to bio-terrorism attacks, and has been a calm spokesperson in publicly addressing unspeakable threats to our community.

In addition to her recent activities, Dr. Leverett has provided outstanding direction and guidance to public health programs in a county of more than 720,000 residents. 

Her many accomplishments include: 

  • Creating THE PARTNERSH.I.P. - The Partners Health Improvement Program - a partnership between county government, business, community and health care providers to establish comprehensive and primary care for the County's 100,000 uninsured residents.
  • Organizing an alliance of health care providers in Baltimore County to create the first joint initiative to improve the health of all County residents. 
  • Implementing brown bag employee lunch programs with the Health Office to uplift morale an improve communication among her staff.
  • Leading a yearlong study of racial disparity on the health status of Marylanders, resulting in a major study and report to the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • Initiating a cost-reduction plan in the Health Department that resulted in savings of $800,000 with no impact on health services to needy residents.

Dr. Leverett served her residency in the Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hospital and received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi where she received her B.S. in Chemistry.

Chung Cheuk - Young Woman of the Year

Chung "Christina" Cheuk is described by her guidance counselor as a "motivated, energized and energizing" young woman. In addition to her many scholastic achievements, she is devoted to making changes in her world--her school, home, community--for the greater good of all.

In addition to achieving a 4.0 grade point average in the most demanding classes at school, Christina has been a positive force in creating a stimulating and creative climate throughout Perry Hall High School.

Her leadership activities include president of the Student Council, Board Member of the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, Peer Counselor and statewide trainer, Vice President of the "Model UN" program, and delegate to the statewide Maryland Youth in Government program. In addition, she is a member of the marching band, class government, Music Club, Asian-American Club, the literary magazine and French Club.

She is known throughout Perry Hall High School as a positive and effective force in leading programs and classmates as they attain higher and higher achievements and set higher and higher goals. She invariably brings a burst of energy to her fellow students, connecting them to the running of the school and of the community.

Looking at Christina's resume of activities and awards, it is difficult to imagine how she finds the time and energy to make high quality contributions to so many areas.  The answer seems to lie in her intelligence, her natural affinity to organize time and talent and her drive for excellence in both herself and her world. Service is simply a way of life for Christina Cheuk. She seeks ways to bring illumination, power and excellence to a myriad of organizations both within and outside of her school. A perfectionist, she is critical of her work and constantly looking for ways to improve. 

Chung "Christina" Cheuk personifies the balance of school life and extra-curricular activities. It is never enough for her to do great things; she also endeavors to get others to do the same.

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Woman of the Year and Young Woman of the Year 2001

Ms. Shirron Scott - Woman of the Year

It is said that Shirron Scott "keeps a watchful eye on the youth of her community" as chair of the Baltimore County Delta Community Outreach Center in Randallstown. The Center, one of Ms. Scott's pet projects as president of the Baltimore County Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, is an after school program that boasts assistance for youth with homework, tutoring and mentoring, educational workshops, computer training, summer programs, field trips and more. Ms. Scott became a trained Girl Scout Troop Leader and implemented the new Troop #7086 at the Center, to benefit all of the girls in the Community.

In addition to her support of the youth in her community, Ms. Scott currently serves as President of the Alumnae Chapter, after serving in other capacities for the past 16 years. She has had an unequaled passion for preserving historic landmarks in the area, lending her skills and talents to raise funds for the Benjamin Banneker Historic Park and Museum. More recently, she has worked with the Hampton Mansion in Towson to restore the original slave quarters on the property.

Projects she has championed have raised funds for scholarships, preservation projects and community assistance.

Ms. Valerie Gail Cummins - Young Woman of the Year

Valerie has been named the Women's Commission's Young Woman of the Year. A senior at Eastern Technical High School. Valerie has excelled in academics sports and extra-curricular activities. She has volunteered more than 100 hours of her time in the newborn nursery at Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, been an active member of Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), volunteered in a nursing home, and planted trees for the environment on Hart-Miller Island. As a member of the school's Interact Club, she has worked to provide food, clothing and shelter for those less fortunate in the community and in other targeted areas around the county.

In addition, to her volunteer activities, Ms. Cummins has consistently worked in various positions, while maintaining a 3.75 grade point average with challenging Advanced Placement and Gifted and Talented Courses throughout High School. She has been on the Principal's List, the Honor Roll (every semester since first grade), has had perfect attendance and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Since her career interests lie in the allied health field, Ms. Cummins has worked part time in a physician's office for the past year and a half, assisting with minor procedures, injections, and other clinical duties.

She is also an avid skier and swimmer, and plays softball and baseball in her spare time.

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Woman of the Year and Young Woman of the Year 2000

Anne Walker - Woman of the Year

Anne was named Woman of the Year 2000 by the Baltimore County Commission for Women is an inspiration to women and girls in Baltimore County through her dedication and advocacy to establish youth recreation and teen programs. She has had a tremendous impact on a lot of people. In addition to serving two terms as chair of the Western Family YMCA Board of Directors, Anne has led the Southwest Parent and Teen Consortium; developed the Teen and Adult Dialogue; and has created, established and piloted the successful "Middle School Madness" programs. Anne's devotion to the community and its future leaders has earned her the designation, Catonsville Times 1999 Community Activist of the Year. The Baltimore County Commission for Women is proud and pleased to salute this outstanding woman.

Tamyra Carroll - Young Woman of the Year

Tamyra was named Baltimore County Commission for Women Young Woman of the Year 2000, is described as intelligent, focused, motivated and personable. While committed to her education and academics at Pikesville High School, Tamyra's extracurricular activities have included participation in Food for Thought; tutoring underprivileged youth; activities with BLEWS, the Coalition of Blacks and Jews; volunteering on a political campaign; volunteering at a summer camp for youth all in addition to maintaining a 20 hour a week part time job. Her future plans include becoming a doctor. Tamyra's ability, to balance her academics and personal life while meaningfully contributing to the community, earns her the award, "Baltimore County Young Woman of the Year."

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