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Sheriff's Office
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Service of Process

It is the responsibility of The Sheriff's Office Legal Process Section to process and serve all legal papers issued by the Circuit Court of Baltimore County (third Judicial Circuit of Maryland), or by any official local or state agency in the County. This includes but is not limited to various forms and types of summons/subpoenas that order a person or thing to appear, or be delivered, at a certain time and place for a certain matter before the Court. This unit also handles District Court Warrants and Juvenile Body Attachments.

Request Service of Process

Papers Filed in Maryland

  • $40 fee - check or money order made payable to: Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office
  • Two copies of summons and one copy of the complaint
  • The Return of Service will be mailed back to the issuing court.

Out-of-State Papers

  • $60 fee - check or money order made payable to: Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office.
  • two copies each of summons and complaint
  • Instructions and/or information advising optimal time to attempt service
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope to mail the Return of Service/affidavit; if not provided, it will be mailed back to the issuing Court.

Mailing Address

Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office
County Courts Building, Ground Floor
401 Bosley Avenue
Towson, Maryland  21204   

Additional Information

  • Please allow at least two weeks for service to be made.
  • Return of Service/affidavits will be sent within 24 hours from time of service.
  • If you need further information or have questions, please call 410-887-3151.

Revised February 22, 2012

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