Department of Recreation and Parks
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Volunteer Your Time

A volunteer coach teaches two young girls about lacrosse.

Give a little... get a lot!

The Department of Recreation and Parks was established in 1949 to help the citizens of Baltimore County meet their leisure needs. To this end, community Recreation and Parks Councils were created to partner with the Department. These non-profit councils are composed entirely of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to provide their families, their neighbors or perhaps themselves with a wide variety of recreational opportunities - locally and affordably.

Why Should You Volunteer | What Can A Volunteer Do | Who Helps The Volunteer | How To Volunteer


 Why Should You Volunteer?

A volunteer coach hands a water bottle to a young girl.

Dick D., Towson - "It's what life is about... to
help others."
  • Share in a child's fun and interests
  • Give back to the community
  • Make new friends
  • Be a leader and a mentor
  • Share your knowledge and skills
  • Maintain healthy and wholesome ideals
  • Achieve inner fulfillment
  • Enrich the quality of life in your community

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Give Yourself A Gift - Volunteer!

Two volunteers assist at a daycare facility.

Lisa M., Perry Hall - "I was asked to
assist. I feel like I made a difference."

What Can A Volunteer Do?

  • Organize visual and performing arts events
  • Teach youth a foreign language
  • Be a recreation council officer
  • Assist with therapeutic programs
  • Keep time at a game
  • Coordinate a league
  • Chair a program
  • Provide snacks
  • Coach a team
  • Raise funds
  • Keep score
  • Join the Community Assisted Maintenance Program
  • Or a thousand and one other fun ways to help!

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You Choose How Much Time To Contribute!

Who Helps The Volunteer?

  • Board of Recreation and Parks - serves as an informational resource and provides a framework of policies and procedures.
  • Recreation and Parks Council - volunteer, non-profit organizations whose mission is to establish and enhance the recreational opportunities in their community.
  • Department Staff - knowledgeable professionals who provide guidance and advice to ensure successful programs and activities.

How to Volunteer

The staff of local community recreation and parks offices will be happy to talk to you about volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood. Contact your local office now to find out how you can help.

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Revised February 5, 2013

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