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Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in a recreation program. Where can I get more information on program availability registration dates, schedules, age restrictions, fees and the time and location of the program?

A: All programs are organized through the local Recreation and Parks Councils. You should contact your local Community Recreation Office for more up-to-date specific information on programs in your area. For a general list of programs throughout the County take a look at one of our program guides. You may also wish to view our links to Recreation and Parks Council web pages

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Q: The coach of my child's team does not put him/her in the game.  Who can/should I talk to about this?

A: You should speak directly with the coach and/or the local volunteer sports program committee regarding these types of concerns.  To get the name and contact information of the specific volunteers in charge of your program, contact your local community recreation and parks office.  Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks also has also established a Parents Code of Conduct that all parents who have children in sports programs should be aware of.

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Q: Can only Baltimore County residents join recreation programs?

A: No, though there may be circumstances where County residents are given priority status in registration. Generally recreation programs are open to all.

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Q: Why are fees charged for County recreation programs. How are the costs determined?

A: Most of the costs are not covered by tax dollars. The cost of expendable equipment such as balls, nets, uniforms, field white and craft supplies as well as leadership must be paid by the participant. Costs are determined by the equipment and leadership needed. Registration fees are collected by the local volunteer Recreation and Parks Councils.

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Q: The weather is questionable, are my children's programs cancelled?

A: Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks has posted it's Inclement Weather Policies on the web.

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Q: How do I start a new program in my community?

A: Contact your Community Recreation Office to find out the Recreation and Parks Council's procedures for establishing a new program.

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Q: Why don't all councils have the same programs?

A: Recreation programs are provided based on recreation needs as identified by the local recreation council.

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Revised February 4, 2013


Revised April 6, 2016        

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