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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in a recreation program. Where can I get more information on program availability registration dates, schedules, age restrictions, fees and the time and location of the program?

A: All programs are organized through the local Recreation and Parks Councils. For a general list of programs throughout the County take a look at one of our online program guides. You may contact your local Community Recreation Office for more up-to-date specific information on programs in your area. If available, the Recreation Office can add your name to their mailing list. You may also wish to view our links to Recreation and Parks Council web pages. 

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Q: Who do I call to to gain use of a facility?

A: Contact the appropriate Community Recreation Office for availability/reservations.

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Q: How can I find information on the County's parks?

A: For basic park information including major site amenities, see our parks and facilities web pages. For more specific park information, such as fee schedules for pavilion rentals and availability contact the appropriate Community Recreation Office.

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Q: At which parks may I reserve a pavilion or picnic area for my group's use and how do I reserve them?

A: The Department maintains a list of parks that may be reserved for group picnics on the web. To reserve an area at one of these parks, contact the local Community Recreation Office.

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Q: Who do I contact to report a maintenance problem at a county-owned park site, playground or local open space in Baltimore County?

A: To report a maintenance problem, contact the maintenance coordinator at 410-887-3827.

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Revised February 4, 2013


Revised April 6, 2016        

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