Department of Recreation and Parks
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Edmondson/Westview Recreation Office

Community Supervisor: Maurice Watkins
Administrative Aide: Andrea Moore
Activity Coordinator: Andre Summers
Office Location: Woodlawn Community Recreation Office
2131 Woodlawn Drive Baltimore, Maryland, 21207
Office Hours: Monday through Friday,  9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Office: 410-887-1357
Fax: 410-944-0485

The Edmondson/Westview Recreation office serves the needs of the Edmondson/Westview Recreation and Parks Council and their programs. The Council meets on a regular basis and all those interested are invited to attend.

The Edmondson/Westview Recreation Office also manages the daily operations and reservations for these parks and School Recreation Centers (SRC):

West Hills Park I Western Hills Park I Edmondson Heights Elementary SRC I Johnnycake Elementary SRC I Southwest Academy SRC I Woodbridge Elementary SRC I Westview Neighborhood Park

For information regarding the programs of this recreation council or use of these parks, please contact our office using the information above.

Revised November 10, 2014

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