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The Volunteer Recreation and Parks Council

A Recreation and Parks Council is a group of citizens representing churches, schools, civic and service organizations, improvement associations, PTAs, neighborhood and individual needs, who are interested in developing and operating public recreation and park activities for citizens of all ages in their own community.

Each of the 40 Recreation and Parks Councils is approved by and affiliated with the Board and Department of Recreation and Parks and operates as a local organization with elected officers, working committees and volunteers. The Councils meet on a regular basis and community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

In cooperation with the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, the Councils establish and operate programs for which local need and interest is expressed. Each Council also sponsors special events such as picnics, parties, parades, contests, performances, art shows, etc. for the benefit of the local community.

While the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks budget provides professional guidance, program leadership, facilities and maintenance, the local Recreation and Parks Council is responsible for raising funds for expendable materials, supplies and equipment, and securing volunteer leadership to operate programs. Recreation and Parks Councils provide thousands of volunteers who donate over one million hours of service and raise millions of dollars annually in support of their programs and special events.

To get information about your local recreation and parks council contact your local community recreation and parks office.

Revised February 14, 2013

Revised April 6, 2016         


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