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Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan

The Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP) serves as the advisory master plan for the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks. The LPPRP outlines the County's recreation, parks and open space policies, goals, objectives and priorities. The most recent plan, which served as an update to the 2005 to 2006 LPPRP was adopted by the Baltimore County Council as a Master Plan 2020 Addendum on February 18, 2015.

2017 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan

Input Requested

The Department of Recreation and Parks welcomes public input for the upcoming 2017 Baltimore County LPPRP. Input shall be accepted through December 18, 2016, and may be submitted via email or mail to the contact listed at the bottom of this page. Examples of input could include recommendations for new parks or recreational facilities, suggestions for renovating or enhancing existing parks and recreation sites or any other parks and recreation related input you may have.

Input received from the public will be added to that obtained at the County’s recent Capital Improvement Program (CIP) community input meeting, as well as information gathered through the County’s recent public recreation and parks survey (see below). When submitting input, please be sure to be as specific as possible about the community, area or park that you are referencing. Please include your ZIP Code so that we may geographically track the areas for which input has been received.

2016 Public Recreation and Parks Survey

Baltimore County conducted an online public recreation and parks survey in August and September of 2016. Over 940 responses were received for the 14-question survey, which asked respondents to offer their opinions on the County’s recreation and parks opportunities.

Public Recreation and Parks Survey Results (PDF) have been complied for the County as a whole. More localized survey results shall be presented within the 2017 LPPRP.

Adopted Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan

The adopted Baltimore County LPPRP is presented below in PDF format, both in its entirety and broken down into a number of sections that may be downloaded more quickly. Questions about the plan may be addressed to the Department of Recreation and Parks' Planner. Hard copies are not available for public distribution, but may be viewed at the Department of Recreation and Parks headquarters on a pre-scheduled basis.

Further Information on the LPPRP

Please contact:

Pat McDougall, Planner
Baltimore County Recreation and Parks
9831 Van Buren Lane
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
Phone: 410-887-3822


Revised November 29, 2016         


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