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Park Pride

Park Pride is a program of the County which emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the care and monitoring of County Parks. Baltimore County has been very fortunate over the years because neighborhoods have taken an active interest in their parks. Communities help the Department by assisting with certain maintenance, suggesting ideas for improvements, talking to children about the importance of parks and open space, and otherwise making sure our parks continue to be an attractive asset to the community.

The Park Pride program focuses on vandalism. We will be pointing out incidents of vandalism to communities and providing a way for communities to help apprehend the perpetrators. The County is installing surveillance cameras in certain parks and sending photographs to the police, recreation council members and the community at large to help apprehend vandals.

Report an Incident of Vandalism

Through this program, park visitors and neighbors are encouraged to report incidents of vandalism as well as any leads they may have to help catch the perpetrators. If you have information regarding vandalism at your local park or open space please contact our maintenance division at  410-887-3808 or complete our online tips form to help us to catch a vandal.

Revised January 22, 2013

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