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Traffic Calming

The Traffic Calming Program (PDF) assists residents concerned about traffic speed and safety on their neighborhood roads. Options could include traffic circles, speed humps, pedestrian refuge islands or narrowing driving lanes with curb extensions to discourage speeders while allowing for safer pedestrian crossings.

Proposed Changes

County Council Resolution 45-16 has been instituted to revise the program. The Executive Summary outlines the proposed changes to the program.

A draft of the revised Traffic Calming Program (PDF) is available for comment through August 19, 2016. To comment, send an email to W. Keith Link at


Apply for calming devices in your neighborhood.

Once an application is received, County traffic engineers will review and analyze the speeds and vehicle volumes in these neighborhoods. Where needed, they will recommend traffic calming measures based on each site's characteristics and identified problems.

To find out more, send an email to, or call 410-887-3554.


Revised August 1, 2016        

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