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Bureau of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

Baltimore County's Signalized Intersections

Level-Of-Service Ratings

Every year the Bureau of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning inspects approximately 200 of its 600 intersections controlled by traffic signals. These inspections reveal how well traffic flows during the morning and evening rush hours. Intersections receive letter grades from "A" to "F" that indicate the level-of-service, or the degree of congestion. An "A" is the best level of operation, while a "F" is the worst. Generally, at a "F" level intersection motorists must wait through at least two red light cycles to clear the intersection during the peak hour of travel. As part of Baltimore County's Growth Management legislation, development is limited or prohibited in areas where there are "E" or "F" level intersections until the level-of-service improves.

The Level-of-Service Directory provides the 2008-2009 ratings for Baltimore County's signalized intersections, sorted alphabetically.

Revised June 2, 2009


Revised April 6, 2016        

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