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Traffic Engineering

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  • Monitor the highway system for points of hazard and congestion. 
  • Conduct appropriate engineering studies to identify probably causes. 
  • Develop strategies to remedy safety hazards and congestion problems, and implement counter measures. 
  • Design, schedule and implement traffic engineering improvements. 
  • Solicit support from other agencies for problems requiring a more comprehensive solution. 
  • Respond to customer inquiries and requests for traffic engineering assistance. 
  • Initiate and maintain records of all County traffic regulations. 
  • Manage the County's Street Light Program, both along the existing road network and for new subdivisions. 
  • Review engineering plans for County infrastructure improvement to assess impacts and consider traffic needs.
  • Develop detours and traffic control needs for work zones and special events.
  • Determine traffic control device needs for new developments.
  • Manage County or jointly administer parking programs; Residential Permit Parking, Reserved Handicap Parking, and Fire Lane restrictions. 

Revised March 28, 2012

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