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Multi-Family Recycling for Residents

The table below illustrates what materials are acceptable in Baltimore County's single stream recycling program. Note that caps, labels, lids, and rings are OK in single stream recycling.

Metal that will and won't be collected in single stream recycling.Metal accepted in single stream recycling.Aluminum and steel food and beverage cans, EMPTY aerosol cans, aluminum foil and pie pansMetal that won't be accepted in single stream recycling.

Propane cylinders, pots and pans, scrap metal

Glass that will and will not be accepted in single stream recycling.Glass accepted in single stream recycling.All colors of glass bottles and jarsGlass that won't be accepted in single stream recycling.Dishes, ceramics, drinking glasses, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, crystal, cookware (such as Corningware™, Pyrex®)
Plastic that will and will not be accepted in single stream recycling.Plastic accepted in single stream recycling.

Narrow-neck plastic bottles and jugs (with a Plastic resin number 1 to Plastic resin number 7. recycling symbol, or without a number or recycling symbol), wide-mouth plastic containers (such as butter, cottage cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, mayonnaise, sour cream, and whipped topping containers), rigid plastics (such as buckets [with or without metal handles], drinking cups, flower pots, coolers, drums, 5-gallon water bottles, lawn furniture, pallets, plastic window well covers, and toys)

Note: laundry baskets, garbage containers and recycling containers will be collected for recycling IF a note requesting this is prominently attached.

Plastic that won't be accepted in single stream recycling.Plastic bags, Styrofoam™ (including but not limited to bowls, cups, plates, to-go containers, and foam packing material of any kind), clam shells (such as packaging for toys and batteries, as well as salad bar plastic containers), CD jewel cases, motor oil containers, VHS tapes, plastic electronics, candy wrappers, food wrappers, plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons), beverage can plastic ring holders, bubble wrap
Paper and Cardboard that will and will not be accepted in single stream recycling.Paper and cardboard accepted in single stream recycling.Newspapers (including all inserts), magazines, phone books, catalogs, books (including paperbacks, textbooks and hardbacks), writing and computer paper, mail, paperboard (e.g., cereal, frozen food, and shoe boxes), cardboard (flattened), milk and juice cartons/boxes, cardstock, copy paper (including NCR - No Carbon Required - copy paper), envelopes (plastic windows ok), fax paper, ice cream containers, letterhead paper, non-metallic wrapping paper, paper bags
Paper and cardboard that won't be accepted in single stream recycling.

Paper or cardboard covered by wax, plastic, or food*; Kleenex®; foil gift wrap, photo paper

*Note: milk and juice cartons/boxes are NOT covered with wax or plastic; different manufacturers have different techniques for achieving the polished look on the exterior.

Recyclables will no longer be collected in plastic bags.

Plastic bags of any type or color are prohibited in the single stream recycling program to prevent processing complications at the single stream recycling sorting facility.

 Though plastic bags will not be permitted in Baltimore County's single stream program, many local grocery stores will accept clean, dry plastic bags for recycling. You can help the environment even more by using reusable bags when shopping. This will eliminate or reduce your need for plastic bags.

You can view, print, or download the single stream recycling information that was distributed through property managers.

English Version (PDF)

Spanish Version (PDF)

Russian Version (PDF)

Korean Version (PDF)

Revised May 11, 2012

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