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Recycling Games

Recycling Rebuses (PDF)

Challenge yourself to see if you can figure out the recycling phrases depicted by images.

Crossword (PDF)

See if you can work through the clues to solve the puzzle and learn exciting new recycling facts. 

Wordsearch (PDF)

Search for the single stream recycling words in the maze of letters.

Word Scramble (PDF)

If you are up to the task, try to unscramble the different letters to find items that can be recycled and items that cannot be recycled. 

Vermicompost Game (PDF)

Test your knowledge of vermicomposting and match up the correct items that the worms like to eat and eliminate the items that should be kept out.

3 R’s Game (PDF)

Are you a good reducer, reuser, and recycler? See if you can place the correct items into the columns and decide how you can become greener. 

Revised August 9, 2010


Revised April 6, 2016        

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