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Soil Incorporation

Soil incorporation is a great benefit to your garden.

If you are looking for a simple and maintenance-free method of composting food waste, soil incorporation may be right for you! Because Baltimore County regulations prohibit composting of food waste in compost piles or bins, soil incorporation is a simple and easy alternative. This practice also reduces the waste you generate and extends the life of the County’s landfill. Soil incorporation can be thought of as creating a great meal to feed your soil with valuable nutrients.

What is Soil Incorporation?
Soil Incorporation is the process of burying food scraps in the ground to promote the natural composting process without attracting pests.

Follow these four easy steps to create a perfect meal for your garden:

  1. Prepare The Ingredients - Gather Food Scraps
  2. Mix In Ingredients - Combine Food Scraps With Soil
  3. Cooking Time - Relax And Wait

Revised September 27, 2010

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