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Introducing Worms to the Vermicompost Bin

Time to introduce the worms to their new home. 

You've found your space, carefully furnished it and all you need are some eager tenants. Ideally, the worms using your space will be hard working, willing to accept change and very hungry.

Redworms, also called red wigglers, are the species most commonly used for vermicomposting. These tough little critters have been known to survive in a wide range of climates, making them perfect for life in a worm bin. Earthworms and other species tend to die off quickly in the confinement of a worm bin. Redworms can consume their own weight of material each day and live up to one year. One pound of red wigglers, about 1,000 worms, is recommended for every two square feet of bin space.

Next step: learn about what your worms should eat.

Revised July 29, 2014

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